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Love X Stereo are an electronic rock band consisting of Annie Ko and Toby Hwang, who are doing everything they possibly can to further their musical journey. Little by little, they are touching base in other countries and performing at international festivals and events. Annie is the vocalist, and Toby works his magic on guitars and production. They like to experiment and be flexible with their music, but are well known for the use of synthesizers in tracks.

Love X Stereo know how to make awesome music, so we consider them a great choice to recommend to our readers for the motivation month of May!

You can catch them performing on May 21st (10:35pm) at the Alleycat Bar & Club in London!

Read on to find out more about Love X Stereo!

Annie and Toby performing

© Love X Stereo

© Love X Stereo performing at Freebird Live. Love X Stereo. 10.04.2017. Love X Stereo Instagram.

Love X Stereo: Always adapting, never conforming

Love X Stereo epitomize a group who have built steadily from the ground up, having started from humble beginnings with small performances in the Korean indie scene, and always grafting hard with determination. They have continually adapted themselves and tried out new things; never worrying about not conforming with what might be expected of them. We’ve always admired their attitude and how open they are when it comes to music; embracing all the tools that they can make use of, in pursuit of their dreams.

They regularly mix old and new technologies and experiment with their sound. You can hear that sense of nostalgia yet also get the benefits of modern production. We feel that this is what is interesting about Love X Stereo, the boldness in their approach.

Realising that their sound might be better suited for an audience who are more open with regards to music, they started to change up their strategy and target international rather than domestic fans.

Toby Love X Stereo

© Love X Stereo

© Toby Hwang, master guitarist and producer, rehearsing for a gig. Love X Stereo. 30.03.2017. Love X Stereo Instagram.  

Love X Stereo are intelligent with their awareness of the industry, and make positive steps to keep their music current and accessible. If we were to list all their activities here, it would take up the bulk of the page, but Annie is great at chatting to fans online and keeping everyone updated, and both regularly make time for interviews despite being kept busy. This year they have their Patreon project ‘37’ which has the ambitious aim to release 37 songs and videos…and that’s all supposed to happen in the space of a year! Now that they have acquired their own studio, we can look forward to even more music from Annie and Toby.

If you would like to support Love X Stereo, you can sign up to Patreon and pledge a regular amount to the group. In return you can get access to certain rewards and know that you are contributing to their music!

Love X Stereo are continuing to keep very active, recently playing at FOCUS Wales which was their first performance in the UK. It looks like these are exciting times for the duo, and we hope that they are enjoying their time here! Onwards and upwards Annie and Toby, we are happy for your success!


Music recommendations

Here are some Love X Stereo music recommendations to add to your playlist, some old and some new. All come highly recommended by us!

We will start with some new tracks from ‘37A’, their most recent album.

37A cover

© Love X Stereo ’37A’ album art. Love X Stereo. 12.05.2017. Love X Stereo Instagram.


Rage Is Not Enough (Danja Mix)

Love X Stereo go for a slightly harder and darker sound with this one. We were very impressed! The guitars in particular sound amazing, and we enjoyed ‘Rage Is Not Enough’ immediately. The contrast between the verses and choruses makes each stand out, and there is a powerful gravitas embedded within this song. It is so fitting for a grand stage, and we are certain that old and new fans alike will be lucky to hear it played live.

There are some really good lyrics to this song as well:

‘Make it,
I got your back cause you deserve it.
Let’s bring the devil down to break it.
No matter what you’ve been through,
I’m here to stand beside you.
We’re gonna break some rules cause
Rage…is not enough’

The MV touches on inner turmoil that torment certain people on a daily basis, from job stress and abusive relationships, and shows the different ways that people choose to react to it. Love X Stereo’s track empowers you to take action rather than be passive and sit idly while bad things happen.

Watch the video for it below!

Lemon Spark

This is a belter of a tune, we love the strong beat and Annie’s dreamy vocals. It’s such a slick sounding and fun song, with a spot of nostalgia thrown in. There are a mix of spoken sections interspersed into the track for good measure too. The love the synth parts that drive up the momentum and the little percussion break that takes the song to its closure! We think that ‘Lemon Spark’ is one of the best songs on the new album so check it out! You can find it on Spotify.

We have to mention some of our favourite past Love X Stereo tracks too!

Lose to Win

‘Lose to Win’ has always been our favourite Love X Stereo track. It is part of their early album ‘Glow’. However, we couldn’t pin the reason down to only one thing. Maybe it is because we can relate to the lyrics, or perhaps it is the uplifting nature of the melody. All we can say is, there is so much that is noteworthy about it.

Keep going ahead,
Take my word for it.
Time to make a change,
Lose to win the game.’

Our favourite part of the song is the latter half, when the glorious chorus starts to kick in. All the instrumentation and vocals blend in glorious symphony, and the cymbals, guitar and drums rock this tune every time we listen to it. We can’t recommend it highly enough, so make sure to listen to this!

Hide and Seek

Arguably, Love X Stereo’s most widely-known song, ‘Hide and Seek’ was featured in the soundtrack of K-drama ‘Cheese in the Trap’.

The song starts modestly, and you might expect it to be slow in tempo throughout. But the chorus is underpinned by prominent drums, crashing with a regular rhythm that is complemented by layer upon layer of electronic elements, building to a rush of sound that we really enjoy. Stripping these back for the ending is also an effective touch, allowing Annie’s soft voice to work its magic.

Concluding remarks

When you watch a video of Annie and Toby talking about their music, you can very quickly see that they love what they do. And that sole notion goes a long way; it is a driving force for continually finding inspiration and the energy to perform. It all stems from pure enjoyment of making music and sharing it with others. That is why we have a particular admiration for Love X Stereo; they have overcome numerous challenges and obstacles and keep on going. We liken them to comets approaching the sun, soon to blaze a marvelously bright trail, all of their own.

How to support Love X Stereo

Purchase music by Love X Stereo from iTunes or Google Play! Here is the link again for their Patreon page too, if you can pledge a regular amount each month.

You can also watch an introductory video about their project below.

Follow Love X Stereo’s activities with their social media links here:

Official website:






Featured image source: Love X Stereo official Instagram.

In-article image source: Love X Stereo official Instagram.

All images were reproduced with permission from Love X Stereo for specific use in this article.

© Inspire Me Korea. 15.05.2017

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