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With all these new K-Pop groups emerging every year, it can be easy to forget about idols from previous generations. That’s why it’s important to put a spotlight on those who started off as idols but continued to build their careers in the industry from there. This time we’ll be focusing on Lee Hyori!

This phenomenal woman, once dubbed the ‘Nation’s Fairy’ has achieved a lot in her career so far. From being in a popular K-Pop girl group called Fin.K.L to acting, record producing and even work as an activist, she’s really kept herself busy! We’ll be having a closer look at some of the highlights of her life and also where she is now.

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Becoming the leader of the immensely popular girl group Fin.K.L was only the start to her blossoming future. After a few years of releases with her group, she had the opportunity to release her first solo album entitled Stylish in 2003. Not only was this album so incredibly well received by the Korean public, winning 7 Daesangs in its release year, but also the year 2003 was called ‘The Year Of Hyori’ by Korean media as she was always in and out of the news that year.

Everything kicked off after her solo debut. She accepted several opportunities such as co-hosting the Korean Music Festival, acting in dramas as well as hosting other television shows. Although her dramas were not particularly well received by the public, it gave her the chance to improve her skills which is what’s important! In between releasing her albums, she took long hiatuses which she used effectively to become a beneficial influence to the Korean people. From writing columns for online newspapers to showing her passion for animal rights, the public got the chance to see her true personality outside being a celebrity.

As of 2015, Lee Hyori has been on hiatus from both music and other activities. However, it is rumoured that she is working on new music and may release an album this year. Furthermore, it was recently announced that she will be starring in a variety show called Hyori’s Home Stay along with her husband.

We’re excited for Lee Hyori and hope to see more of her this year. Hopefully you’ll anticipate her return as much as we do!

Featured Image Source: © W Korea, 23.05.17,

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