K-Music Chart: December!

At last, the end of 2017 is upon us! And in order to celebrate this year’s astounding K-Music releases, we’ve decided this month’s music chart theme is New Years Party – which will include some of our favourite songs from 2017 that, hopefully, get you excited for everything next year has in store for us!


1. Teenager by GOT7

To begin we’re kicking off with everyone’s favourite GOT7 song from this year – Teenager! The second track from their album 7 for 7, this uplifting and youthful song speaks about the giddy, ‘butterflies in stomach’ feeling you get when the person you’re with makes you feel like (you guessed it) a teenager!

This song begins slowly then at the chorus becomes a burst of heavy bass, synth, violins and beautifully harmonised vocals that, all together, create an exciting and pure vibe that we just can’t get enough of.

For us, teenager is one of those songs that just make you feel good inside – which makes it the perfect song to get you pumped for the new year!

2. Peak-A-Boo (피카부) by Red Velvet

After having three comebacks this year, it was a tough choice having to pick between which Red Velvet song to choose – but even though Rookie and Red Flavour were fantastic bops, our Red Velvet pick for the New Years chart has to be Peak-A-Boo!

Thirty seconds into this song and we were already bopping and bouncing around. With it’s vibrant and familiar sound paired with the member’s smooth, flawless voices, it’s hard not to be happy listening to Peak-A-Boo.

And if the song wasn’t brilliant enough, the music video is charming, quirky, has an extremely catchy chorero and will probably make you crave pizza – which is a good thing, since you’ll be exhausted from dancing to it all night!

3. Island by WINNER

Even though it’s freezing cold in Korea this time of year, listening to ISLAND by WINNER will make you feel likes it’s summer no matter where you are, which is one of the reasons why we love it so much!

Singing about feeling trapped in a boring, everyday life, WINNER tried to use tropical beats as well as combinations of rap and vocals to help their listeners ‘break free from the grey prison’ of mundane life – and it worked!

Whenever we hear this song we feel lighthearted and free, which is exactly the kind of emotions you want when you begin a new year.

4. As If It’s Your Last (마지막처럼) by BLACKPINK

This year, BLACKPINK came back to our area with their digital single As If It’s Your Last – and since it’s release in June we haven’t been able to get enough of it!

Described as a mixed genre of ‘reggae, house and moombahton music’, this song represents the more pink and sweet side of BLACKPINK’s music, as compared to the edginess of Whistle and Boombayah.

As If It’s Your Last is full of cheerful energy, bright sounds and is a song that we can jam to any day of the week!

5. Shall We Dance by BLOCK B

Next up is a song that, since it’s release in November, we’ve had on repeat – Shall We Dance by Block B!

The second track featured on their sixth mini album Montage, this song is a Latin-infused house track that somewhat reminds us of the group’s earlier works, like Nillili Mambo (one of our favourite Block B songs!).

Shall We Dance is a playfully quirky yet dangerous sounding song that makes us want to dance no matter who is watching!

6. Cypher Pt. 4 by BTS

Another song that makes us let loose is Cypher Pt.4 by BTS! From their Wings album, this fourth instalment of the Cypher series features BTS’ rap-line Suga, J-Hope and their leader RM (R.I.P. Rap Monster).

With it’s old-hiphop beat, Cypher Pt.4 sounds different from past Cypher songs, but it still has the same flare and passion that we’ve seen before.

The song speaks about not giving in to hater’s critiques and malicious comments, and encourages listeners to, as the chorus emphasises, love themselves – which is a brilliant message to carry with you into the new year!

7. BABE (베베) by HyunA

Described as a ‘mixed bag’ song, HyunA’s BABE is different from her past solo songs – it’s a youthful, and somewhat mystical, complex ballad that uses xylophones to give it a happy and tropical vibe!

In BABE, HyunA sings about being carefree, accepting her ‘strange’ side and how (much like Teenager) the person she’s with make’s her feel younger.

This song was a chance for HyunA to break free from what she usually does, both musically and stylistically – and that motivates us to change up our lives a bit too during 2018!

8. Energetic by Wanna One

Next up is Energetic, the title track for Wanna One’s debut album 1X1=1 (To Be One). This year, many groups and artists have gone for songs with a ‘tropical beat’ (which we adore!), but Wanna One decided to go back to the ‘club beat’, which included keyboards, drop beats and synth.

As the name implies, Energetic makes us feel all happy and excited when we listen to it, and because the beat and vocals are so on point, it makes us feel refreshed and ready for the new year!

9. 1+1=0 by SURAN (ft. DEAN)

SURAN’s 1+1=0 is a funky, whimsical song filled with sleek guitar, brass tones and drum kick sounds that accentuate SURAN and DEAN’s vocals – which work in brilliant harmony together!

Besides the sound of the song itself, one of the main reasons we picked this song is because it speaks out about how getting ‘tangled’ up in work, being overwhelmed by social media and the struggles of day to day life can stop you from finding the time to have fun and treat yourself!

1+1=0 is a groovy bop that reminds us to to take a break from the anxieties of life and relax – which is hopefully something we can remember in the hectic year to come.

10. MOVE by Taemin

Pretty much everyone (including us!) caught the ‘Move Bug’ after Taemin released the music videos for his title track MOVE in the middle of October – so of course we had to finish this month’s New Year music chart with the infamous, trendsetting song itself!

Every one of Taemin’s songs are centred around groove more than anything, and for MOVE this groove was built on a, somewhat robotic, synth bass that combines the sounds of a deep bass-line and electric guitar with the Taemin’s beautiful, sultry voice.

All in all, MOVE somehow finds a way to make us feel calm and relaxed whilst also making us want to get up and move along to the slow rhythm the song provides us with.

So there we have it, our top songs from this year that we hope you enjoyed too. What was your favourite song from 2017? Let us know!

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Feature Image Source: ©SURAN, 4.12.2017,

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