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As we near the end of March, we revisit one of our K-SPOTLIGHT special artists in this review! Jade, whom we interviewed during 2017, released a new single on March 26th, called ‘Just As the Way That You Are’ featuring Youngjin. She also gave us a little extra insight into what took place behind-the-scenes in the lead up to the release!


© Jade. 20.03.2018. Credit: Sua Rose Kim


For any readers who don’t know about Jade, she’s a young singer-songwriter and producer from Korea, who is studying in the UK. Learn more by reading our past interview!

The message that Jade wanted to convey in ‘Just As the Way That You Are’ is that everyone is beautiful, can be loved and can love. The song was written to comfort and support those who doubt, worry and question themselves, those whom have had to hide from hatred, wondering whether they could ever be loved for who they are.


Our review

The track itself is light and mellow. The gentle strumming of the guitar at the beginning sets the tone for the whole piece. Much like Jade’s earlier work, ‘Just As the Way That You Are’ is suitable for easy-listening, and has a soothing and calming quality to it. The melody is warm and matches the comforting nature of the message that Jade wished to convey.

When the male vocals appear, it was initially a little unexpected, in part due to the timing being quite far into the song, but eventually the blended harmonies bring about a good balance until the conclusion. The cello was a welcome addition and we enjoyed its supporting role in the track. You can listen and watch the MV below!


Video source: YouTube


Where to stream/buy the single

The track is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal. You can also buy the single on sites like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, Tidal, Napster etc.


Collaboration for the music film

For this single, Jade teamed up with Sua Rose Kim to create a ‘music film’ type MV, a term that refers to a collaboration between a film director and musician.


© Jade. 20.03.2018. Credit: Sua Rose Kim

Sua Rose Kim is a film director, photographer and actress based in London. She studied acting in South Korea, Ireland and France for a short time. Her initial inspiration stemmed from a fascination for conjuring up stories and images through film-making. Since then, she has focused on doing this independently. Sua has completed two short films, the first being ‘Cold Forest’ (2016) and the second was ‘The Seagull’ (2017). She is now involved in making music videos and shooting photographs. You can find out more information via this website or her Instagram.


© Jade. 20.03.2018. Credit: Sua Rose Kim


We delved deeper into the background of their working relationship. As two artists initially on separate paths, Jade felt that their meeting was down to fate itself.

“When Sua was studying film production in Ireland, she wanted to try filming music videos somewhere else. She decided to pursue a few projects in London and Paris and posted an advertisement on a website to find a songwriter to work with. I contacted her when I saw it.”


© Jade. 20.03.2018. Credit: Sua Rose Kim


“Even though we had to work remotely, Sua and I were so like-minded. We spent a lot of time on the phone together, sharing inspirations with each other and talking about our project. She would tell me about some of the stories that she conceived, then I was able to write a song about one that I found inspiring. Sua was then able to shoot a music video based on my song.”

“When she eventually visited London to meet me in person, I asked her to take profile photographs for my album artwork because I had loved all of her previous works. I felt that we’d already known each other for a long time when we actually met. That’s how we started to work together for the music film project and artwork for my first and second single albums.”

(Jade’s response has been partially edited for clarity)


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We hope that this review has encouraged some of you to stream and purchase Jade’s new single ‘Just As the Way That You Are’! Remember that a lot of undiscovered artists need your support! Until next time, please return to our K-SPOTLIGHT series again soon to listen to amazing music and artists 🙂


Featured image and in-article images source: © Jade. 20.03.2018. Credit: Sua Rose Kim. All images were provided by the artist for use in this article. All rights reserved. Images should not be reproduced without permission.

© Jade: Just As the Way That You Are – single review. 31.03.2018. Inspire Me Korea.

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