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Interview with Seoulmoon – K-SPOTLIGHT (Special)

We have a great special edition K-SPOTLIGHT this month! This time we present the exciting all female K-indie band Seoulmoon (서울문).

Seoulmoon have been busy making positive and upbeat music, and we love their sound so much! We are pleased to have prepared a double part feature edition of the K-SPOTLIGHT to showcase the band because we want more people to know about them! Did you know that they used to play in different bands before forming Seoulmoon? The girls bring their own experiences together to create music that makes you think of summer and happy times. That’s why the timing is perfect right now to introduce Seoulmoon to everyone! This first part is a Q&A session with the members. They seem like really fun people 😀

A special thank you to Seoulmoon’s bass player Luli Lee for working so hard with us to bring you this interview, we hope that our Inspire Me Korea readers enjoy the results!

Don’t forget that there will be a second part of the K-SPOTLIGHT with Seoulmoon, where we will be showing you some of their amazing music. Their tracks are so infectious, and Seoulmoon just keep getting better and better with every release so don’t miss out! The K-SPOTLIGHT article about Seoulmoon’s music is now available on the blog!


© Seoulmoon. 06.03.2017

Support Seoulmoon by buying their music! Their singles are available online – through iTunes (which also includes their newest single Badabada), Google Play or Amazon.
1. Can you introduce each of the members? What things make the members laugh?

Hyemi Kim plays guitar and is responsible for vocals, Hyemi Shin is on the drums and Luli Lee plays bass. We feel happy and laugh when we having a good time together.

2. How did you first meet and decide to form a band together? How long have you been performing as Seoulmoon?

We met at university as students. We all majored in music. We’ve been performing for less than 1 and a half years. Our first show was in January, 2016.

3. What do you think was the thing that attracted you to play your chosen instrument? Hyemi Kim (김혜미) to guitar, Hyemi Shin (신혜미) to the drums and Luli Lee (이루리) to bass? Can you play any others?

Luli Lee: I’ve played the piano since I was 5 years old. I’m not good at it now because I lost interest at 14, but I can still play. Anyway, I developed an interest in rock music when I was 16 so I just wanted to play something cool in a band, and I chose the bass. I thought that the bass seemed easier than other instruments…my thinking was wrong! There are no easy things in this world…and I can play guitar a little bit.

Hyemi Kim: When I was young, the first time I saw the punk rock bands, I thought it was really cool. So I chose to play guitar.

Hyemi Shin: When I was in elementary school, a friend told me about the drums. After that, I was attracted to drums so I started playing.

© Seoulmoon. 06.03.2017

© Seoulmoon. 06.03.2017

4. We think your music sounds so positive and happy, did you always know that you wanted to make this type of music? Or did this happen naturally and easily when you all wrote songs together?

Actually, we each started in other bands (Hyemi Kim with ‘24hours’, Hyemi Shin with ‘Champions’, and Luli Lee with ‘Bye Bye Badman’). Each band had a different sound; they were not just positive. But we wanted Seoulmoon’s music to sound positive and happy.

5. What do you hope Seoulmoon will become in future?

Our hope is…that many people will be listening to our music in the future.

6. Which member usually thinks of an idea for a song first? What are the next steps in making the final track? What do you do if one person disagrees about the writing of a part of the song?

We almost always have a meeting first and talk about the idea. So our idea for a song develops from the conversation.

And then we would make a demo using a computer. We fix the last details after having a practice.

Actually, we haven’t had a disagreement about the writing of songs yet. It’s probably because we already spent a lot of time in the discussion stage.

7. Do you get recognised by fans when you go out? Is this a good or bad thing?

Sometimes. It’s a good thing.

8. We love your song ‘Pineapple’! What are your other plans for this year? Can we look forward to more new music/EP to come later in 2017?

Firstly, thank you. We planned for new singles this year but we have no plans after that.

© Seoulmoon. 06.03.2017

© Seoulmoon. 06.03.2017

9. What are your top 3 songs on your playlist by other artists?

Luli Lee: Bon Iver – ‘Perth’, New Order – ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, My Bloody Valentine – ‘Only Shallow’

Hyemi Kim: M83 – ‘Go’, Young The Giant – ‘Something To Believe In’, The 1975 – ‘She’s American’

Hyemi Shin: Twenty One Pilots – ‘Guns For Hands’, Brian Mcknight – ‘Find Myself In You’, Ed Sheeran – ‘Shape Of You’

10. What are each member’s favourite foods or what do you enjoy eating the most?

Luli Lee: Salmon, especially salmon sashimi.

Hyemi Kim: Pizza, Tteokbokki (떡볶이:Fried rice cake)

Hyemi Shin: Korean food, Rice! Soup!

11. We laughed a lot at some of your YouTube videos, you are all so funny together and seem like good friends! What made you think of uploading other types of videos like playing games and mukbang to your channel?

Thank you very much! We wanted to show a side of us to those who don’t know Seoulmoon, and it is also for the fans. But we didn’t want to just show ourselves in the club, (like only a performance) so we thought about other ways.

We think that Youtube videos are a good way to showcase Seoulmoon and to also ‘meet’ fans often.

© Seoulmoon. 06.03.2017

© Seoulmoon. 06.03.2017

12. Here are some questions about those videos! How many different clothes did bass player Luli put on in total? What was the best Japanese snack that you tasted? Do you normally listen to all the songs that you used in the music guessing game? We also noticed you had lots of pictures stuck onto the wardrobe in the background of this video, do you all choose some pictures to put on there? (watch those videos here)

Luli put on a clothes 13 (from top to bottom)! (in this video-it’s so funny!)

The best Japanese snacks were the Kiss me Chocolate, and Caramel flavored cookies…but only Hyemi Kim liked the Konjac jelly.

We usually like all genres of music, but mostly prefer rock, house and pop music.

The place with lots of pictures background is Luli Lee’s house. Those pictures all belong to her and she chose what to put on the wardrobe. Her favorite is the Starwars poster! She likes Darth Vader.


Seoulmoon picked out some fun videos that they would like our readers to watch!

This one features the members tasting snacks 🙂

And this video has them dressing up for the day!


13. How would you describe what the band Seoulmoon means to you? And what stage would you love to perform on in future?

Seoulmoon means a lot to us. We help each other to make what we want. It’s the most important thing to our growth.

We hope to play at a Rock Festival in the mid-Summer night.

14. A final question just for fun! If you could experience the life of any person for one day, who would it be and why?

Luli Lee: A president, just out of curiosity.

Hyemi Kim: A person who attends a performance by Jimi Hendrix or David Bowie.

Hyemi Shin: Se-hyeong Yang (양세형:Korean Comedian), I want to get his comedy sense.

Responses have been edited for clarity with permission from Seoulmoon.

That’s the end of our interview with Seoulmoon! Thanks again to the members for participating! We hope you’ll read the music special – please do, because there are a lot of good things to say about Seoulmoon’s music 😀

Support Seoulmoon by buying their music! Their singles are available online – through iTunes (which also includes their newest single Badabada), Google Play or Amazon.


Featured image source: © Seoulmoon. 04.06.2017. Seoulmoon’s Official Facebook.

In-article images source: © Seoulmoon. 06.03.2017. All images were kindly provided for use in this article by Seoulmoon.

© Interview with Seoulmoon. Inspire Me Korea. 20.06.2017.

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