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Car, the Garden – K-SPOTLIGHT

This time, the K-SPOTLIGHT falls on talented solo artist Car, the Garden (카더가든)! A fairly recent discovery for us, this singer-songwriter has already released several singles, all which have left us suitably impressed. There is something very exciting about this artist and his music. With every release, he demonstrates something new. Every track is very current and fresh, and we can definitely see him becoming more and more popular in the near future.

As Car, the Garden has been busy actively promoting lately, we thought that this would be the perfect time to introduce this artist to our readers!


How did we discover Car, the Garden?

Our attention was immediately captured through watching videos of his superb live performances and smooth sound. We haven’t heard a voice like his before; Car, the Garden sings very soulfully and is beginning to take the Korean music scene by storm. He possesses an ability to create a sound that is beyond his years, and his voice spans a range that allows him to reach an emotional impact with his higher notes, and an R&B mood with his lower range. He is a well-rounded singer with boundless potential. Car, the Garden has actually been doing music for several years, with his previous work being under his former guise, ‘Mayson the Soul’. His album ‘Photographer’ was even nominated under the Best R&B & Soul Album category in 2016.



However, we think that as ‘Car, the Garden’, he shines even moreso than he did before.


Car, the Garden has several dates for an upcoming concert during April and has recently released a new single, so a lot of this information is hot off the press! Take a look at the promotional poster for the event below. You are in for a treat if you are lucky enough to get hold of a ticket!




We hope that you are now full of anticipation about Car, the Garden’s music. Read on to find out more about his releases and to watch videos!

We will start with the two tracks on the new single. Car, the Garden gave us a short description for each of these which gives some insight into the message conveyed for both ‘Sarah’ and ‘Together’.


carthegarden together_cover



It is a song written like a letter, to an imaginary woman named ‘Sarah,’ telling her how I miss her and hope that she is happy and doing fine. But I wish she would think of me from time-to-time.’

This track was much quicker in tempo than we expected it to be, based on knowing the subject matter. ‘Sarah’ is an intriguing composition, with little shifts in rhythm, melody and tempo here and there, you might have thought that all these elements would not work well with each other, but they actually do so marvellously! There are instances where everything is stripped back and then time is allocated for the instrumentals to build back up. The strings also add that extra dimension to the song, and make for a fuller sound.



This is a song about absence of the one you loved, having spent much time together. The song was written with a thought on how good it would be if we were still together.’

We loved this one immediately! ‘Together’ is a gentle song that has a heavenly and effortless quality about it. Car the Garden’s voice floats along in a luxurious manner using just enough vibrato to create a warm atmosphere. As a listener, you can feel that sadness in the verses, however, during the chorus, it’s as if some wonderful memory or feeling of hope came into the artist’s mind. The whole piece shifts to a beautifully positive tone at these moments and it is something different to highlight the beauty in reminiscing. We can see ‘Together’ becoming a timeless track; whether a listener discovers it now or years later, the ideas behind it will be just as applicable. In some ways, the overall sound seems to have been plucked from the past, with that element of nostalgia which we love. A little gem of a song, and one that you must listen to. You can listen to a teaser here. Highly recommended!

You can listen to small clips of these new tracks in this medley teaser video (around the 30 second mark) and also hear short clips of his previous releases.


If you like what you hear, why not purchase the single? You can buy the single titled ‘Together’ from iTunes or stream/purchase by using the alternative links below.



Bugs music:

Naver music:

Olleh music:

Now lets move onto some of his older releases!



Lean on You

‘Lean on You’ is a big favourite of ours. Within seconds, you know that this will be a cool track. The bass pulses along nicely, with the shimmering strumming of electric guitar contributing to the building of that groovy and dream-like atmosphere. His voice reaches a higher register during the bridge sections to keep up a level of anticipation, and the fact that he lets notes fall away towards the end of the phrasing is a nice touch. The focal point of the song is definitely its addictive chorus! The tempo is cranked up a fraction, and although the melody is fairly simple, it is very effective. You will have it in your head in next to no time.


Little by Little

This is an example of what Car, the Garden sounds like playing live. All credit to him that this performance of ‘Little by Little’ sounds pretty much like the recorded version! This track uses a funk beat and electronic effects within the song production, and the whole thing moves along at a fairly quick pace. He does some cool vocal embellishments which is one of the best things about a live performance, when an artist feels comfortable enough to adlib! The song seems to be about the feeling of gradually falling in love with someone. Watch the live performance below.



Bonus content: There is also a version of ‘Little by Little’ that is slowed down and almost brooding. Car, the Garden sings with only his guitar as an accompaniment. It’s a nice contrast to the original.


Gimme love

We love the use of brass in ‘Gimme love’, this would be a great song to perform live with a full orchestra…we can envisage it now! This is an occasion where Car, the Garden can show off his falsetto skills. Within the song he is asking a girl to accept and love him. The recurring simple English lyrics make it easy to sing along to.



That brings us to the end of our K-SPOTLIGHT feature on Car, the Garden. We hope you like his music as much as we do! Please remember to support the artist by purchasing his music.


We would like to thank Su Kim from DRDRamc for helping with this article on behalf of Car, the Garden.


Featured image and in-article image source: © Car, the Garden. DRDRamc (Artist Management Company). 22.02.2017. All official images were kindly provided by DRDRamc for use in this article.

© Inspire Me Korea. 15.03.2017

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