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Ashmute are a group whom we’ve followed with interest since early 2017, being fortunate to interview the members and delving into their entire catalogue of music and MV cinematography (at the time of writing, May 2017) reviewing each single in utmost detail. Ashmute have remained one of our favourite groups so we regularly follow their activities with interest. We are happy to announce a new release which will we have chosen to review and recommend to our readers.

Ashmute’s core strength has always been expressing facets of sadness with great skill. We still consider their track ‘Heaven’ to be the pinnacle of their compositions, complemented with Nayeon Kim’s eye-catching cinematography.

Ashmute recently released a new song, called ‘Rose’. It is one of the simplest tracks in their discography yet has a definition and clarity which was unfortunately largely missing from their first album. In saying this, the members appeared to find their stride again with the October single ‘Summer’s Gone‘, though we still feel that they missed an opportunity to play with rhythms since vocalist Rang is thoroughly capable of singing with pace.

The music of ‘Rose’ is best enjoyed alongside the video (with Nayeon continuing to take on directing duties) so that it can be placed into context. Dedicated to Rang’s grandmothers, Rose embodies the emotions of losing and longing for loved ones. It is delivered with a lot of heart, with a fitting crescendo and metronomic melody keeping the pulse. Dap and Oov have hit on the perfect level of production to allow the message to be delivered with gentle grace.



Experiencing the loss of my grandmothers with my family felt like being stuck in a time of sorrow and sadness while knowing that realistically time never stopped. I hope our song reaches out to those who lost someone important in your life.” – Rang


Photographs, and short clips flow alongside the words, each fading into the background like water falling through one’s grasp. The handwriting and lines link memories together like the thread of life. Hauntingly beautiful, the stripped back approach very much allows the emotion to come to the fore. This track will resonate with anyone who has lost a loved one, and our thoughts are with Rang and any readers experiencing loss at this time. From all of us at Inspire Me Korea, we hope you take care.


Featured image source: © Ashmute. Rose single cover. 30.11.2018. Ashmute’s Official Facebook. Image reproduced with permission from Ashmute. All rights reserved.

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