Want U Back is the debut single from new artist ARTLOVER. Hailing from South Korea but based in London, ARTLOVER is a new female rapper on the K-music scene! Her background is interesting in that she has been working as a make-up artist for clients in the fashion industry, such as established brands like ELLE and Vogue. This grounding may become useful in future!


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Want U Back is a soul pop/rap song with a retro feel, and the lyrics paint a picture of immature love and loss. The single was a result of collaboration between ARTLOVER, Swedish writer/producer Max Billion and TaeSeop Lee (who has worked with Twice and Day 6) from JYP Entertainment. It’s a dynamic track that hints at ARTLOVER’s potential.

There is a good mixture of singing and rap in Want U Back, and the song is well produced. ARTLOVER has a light lyrical delivery, with a style much like you’d expect from K-pop idols. One negative point is that some of the lyrics are a little predictable and at points we felt that it would have been better to deliver the words with more menace and fire to convey a sense of loss more strongly. ARTLOVER needs to work on introducing more variety to her rapping in order to hold the listener’s attention during the longer sections.  We thought that the rapping worked best when it was used as a bridge to the chorus.

The stand-out part of the single is probably the chorus itself. It has an addictive melody and every time the title of the song was repeated, it became very easy to sing-along to. Plus it’s full of retro stylings! The drums were particularly effective. The magic of the chorus elevates the track to another level, making it much more memorable. It was a major factor in making us want to listen to Want U Back again!

Why not make up your own mind? You can listen to Want U Back on YouTube (below) and it is also available to stream on Spotify or Soundcloud if you wish to add it onto your playlist.

If you like what you hear, support ARTLOVER by purchasing the single on iTunes or Amazon music.

ARTLOVER’s debut EP will be released later on in 2018, keep posted with the blog for some potential new updates about this upcoming rapper in the near future!


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