10 Amazing K-Pop Idol Collaborations!

There’s only one thing better than watching your favourite artist perform – watching two of your favourite artists collaborate! Whether it’s featuring on another idol’s song, or performing together at a showcase, we love when idols from different groups or even companies work together. Here’s a list of some of our favourite collaborations – some are classics and others you may not have seen before.

1. Troublemaker – Now

Dynamic duo ‘Troublemaker’, comprising of Hyunseung and Hyuna, has such sizzling chemistry! They’ve released two music videos so far – ‘Troublemaker’ and ‘Now’. ‘Now’ is our favourite out of the two with an erratic beat and a hot video. Although it’s been a few years since they performed together, we hope they make a comeback soon!

2. Seventeen feat. Ailee – Q & A

Having only debuted in 2015, this boy group has already released lots of tracks. One of our favourites is ‘Q&A’, featuring the beautiful and powerful solo vocalist Ailee. We love how vibrant the MV is, and the acting is so cute!

3. Luna, Hani, Solar – Honey Bee

At the beginning of the year, we reviewed this sensational collaboration when it was newly released. Two months later, we still think it’s such a tune! Three powerful singers from different girl groups getting together to perform a song is something that should happen more often. If you’d like to read our review, please click here.

4. Taemin & Jimin – Showdown at KBS Song Festival 2016

Collaborations come in all different forms – one of which is dance! BTS’ Jimin and SHINee’s Taemin are amazing dancers in their own right, but put together and what do you get? An absolutely sensational performance! We don’t know about you, but we thought this was the best performance at last year’s festival.

5. Yoo Jae-suk & EXO – Dancing King

The main purpose of SM Station is to promote cooperation between artists, and each of the songs they’ve released is unique and well produced. However, our favourite and arguably the song of the year was ‘Dancing King’, sung by EXO and famous comedian Yoo Jae-suk. The beat is incredibly catchy and great for motivating you on a workout and the MV had us laughing too.

6. Zico feat. Crush & Dean – Bermuda Triangle

What do you get when you cross an R&B singer, a hip-hop singer and a rapper? True greatness! This collaboration is one of the greatest tracks of last year by far and you can feel the talent pouring out of each of these artists. We hope to see them work on something together in the future.

7. Amber feat. Taeyeon – Shake that Brass

We always knew that Amber’s solo debut was going to be sensational, but having SNSD member Taeyeon feature in her MV for ‘Shake that Brass’ made it even better! Unlike many songs, this track was rap focused with a melodic bridge and somehow it just worked!

8. Jimin & Xiumin – Call You Bae

Possibly one of the cutest collaborations in K-Pop history is ‘Call You Bae’. The song is very sweet and the pastel colours and silly nature of the MV made us smile. AOA’s Jimin and EXO’s Xiumin make a surprisingly good couple!

9. Hyuna & LE – Blacklist

We couldn’t resist mentioning another one of Hyuna’s songs, but this time it features EXID rapper LE! This track is just as powerful and punchy as the two people singing it, and we definitely think it deserves more attention.

10. APink & B.A.P – Mini

Did you know that these two groups collaborated to create this adorable song? We certainly didn’t! It’s rare that two whole groups work together to make a new song, so this is definitely one to check out. With a cute, high school concept, it might start making you feel nostalgic about your own school days.

Those are only some of the many collaborations out there. Did we mention your favourite?

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