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Inspired by KOREA series 16. Lizzie Shiers

I have had an interest in Asian culture since I visited China in 2011. After I came back from the trip I got really into some Mando-pop groups like S.H.E, and then slowly got into anime and J-pop too! One day when I was just browsing through YouTube and I stumbled across G-dragon’s heartbreaker video. When I first started watching it I thought it was Japanese, but I quickly realised the language didn’t sound like Japanese, but I really liked the way it sounded and I had to find out more! After asking some of my Chinese friends they told me it was Korean and that G-dragon was really famous in Asia!

This all happened around 2012 when Bigbang released the ‘Alive’ album, and I was totally hooked. I went to their concert at Wembley Arena in 2012 and I found more and more k-pop groups one by one. I found out about k-dramas after and that’s when I started learning the language itself! I’ve managed to convert some of my friends and I’m really focusing on improving my language skills right now!

I really like the colourful side of k-pop and Korean pop culture! The music and the videos never fail to cheer me up at any time of day! 

My favourite thing about the Korean language is how expressive it is! I love that it’s totally okay to yell ‘OMO!’ when somebody has only done something small like trip up a step! 

I also really love Korean food! I honestly don’t know how I survived 17 years of my life without it! It’s the most painful thing when I get cravings for kimchi and I can’t get my hands on it! 

My all time favourite group will always have to be Bigbang because they were the first for me! But I really like all different styles of Korean music! I’m really into hiphop at the moment with groups like Daenamhyup (대남협) and Rockbottom, it’s nice supporting some of the underground hiphop crews as they are a lot more personal with their fans! I also really like some indie groups like SALTNPAPER and Lunafly too! Of course I totally love groups like BTS, Got7, 2ne1 and Epik High but who doesn’t!? 

I would really recommend groups like Epik High to somebody new to Korean music. Epik High are a little closer to some western styles than other k-pop groups and have a really developed and unique sound! They combine a lot of English with Korean too so it can help your ears tune into the Korean language! 

My all time favourite k-drama is ‘City Hunter’ so I would definitely recommend that! And if you want to laugh until your stomach hurts I would tell you to watch the film ‘Twenty’ it’s absolutely hilarious! 



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