Inspired By KOREA

Inspired by KOREA series – 1. Eloise

Story by Eloise:

Well it’s quite funny really how it all happened. I’m known to my friends as being someone who gets addicted to things very quickly, so when my friend turned round to me and bluntly stated “I need you to become addicted to Big Bang for me”, I naively (and quite quickly) agreed, unknowing the addiction that was about to ensue.

Inspired by KOREA series - Eloise

I’ve always been open minded to different cultures, as I already enjoy anime and manga when I get the chance. So listening to songs that weren’t in English wasn’t a major problem for me. Thus, three months later, I can’t get enough of it!

I didn’t know much about Korean culture at all, and from starting to listen to the amazing music I wanted to learn more and more. I started watching things like Running Man (absolutely hilarious) and Secret Garden (this show is becoming my life-line).

I find Korean culture fascinating, I just wish there were more hours in the day as I have lots of school work to do. But through your magazine issues and box filled treats I hope to learn some more!










‘Inspired by KOREA series’ is an ongoing collection of posts by YOU! Since we are a community of Korea lovers, we want to share your passion and how you are inspired by Korea! Submit your story of how you found out about Korean culture and what draws you to Korea!



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