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What is Jegi Chagi?

제기차기 (Jegichagi) is a traditional Korean outdoor game!

How to Play!

Made from a piece of paper (or tassels) wrapped around a coin, Jegi Jagi acts a bit like a shuttlecock. The purpose of the game is to kick the Jegi as many times as you can without letting it hit the ground.

This fun game can be played one on one, where the player with the most amount of consecutive kicks wins, or in a group, where everyone stands in a circle and tries to kick it from one person to another without dropping it!

 Jegi Facts!

  • Jegi Jagi was traditionally a winter sport, but since its rise in popularity with both children and adults it has become a year-round game!
  • Legends say that the origins of Jegi Jagi came from a martial artist’s training technique that involved them kicking a small leather pouch
  • Other legends say that Jegi Jagi developed from a game called Cuju or Ts’u Chu, an ancient Chinese football game that the people of Goguryeo played (if you’ve seen Hwarang, then you’ll recognise this game from episodes 3 and 4!)

You’ve also probably seen many idols and K-Pop groups playing this game on variety shows. So to show you what it looks like, here’s a clip of B1A4’s Jinyoung and NU’EST W’s Jonghyun versing the cast of Night Goblin in a hilarious game of Jegi Jagi!

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