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The Wonder Girls disband

After 10 years in the music industry, recently the news broke that the Wonder Girls are to disband; this was officially confirmed by JYP Entertainment on the 26th January. This came as a surprise to many because original member Sunmi had returned, the group had rebranded themselves as a band only a few years prior and achieved success with a self-composed track in 2016. Most of all, they won on music shows with ‘Why So Lonely’ and it stormed the digital charts. All signs were positive and it seemed as though the Wonder Girls were experiencing a revival in fortunes.

Things took a worrying turn when contract negotiations appeared to be taking a long time near the end of 2016, and moreso when the poster of the group was removed from the outside of the JYP building. JYP Entertainment later released an official statement regarding the group’s disbandment with more details. Members Yubin and Hye Rim decided to re-sign with the company, and will pursue singing, MC-ing and acting opportunities, whilst Ye Eun and Sunmi opted to leave. The Wonder Girls released a short video thanking fans for their support, and there are reports that they will release a goodbye song on Feb 10th to mark their 10 year anniversary.

The Wonder Girls were truly one of the best in the 2nd generation of K-pop and we thought that their reboot efforts into a band exposed amazing potential. They were playing their own instruments, pushing back pre-conceptions about their music, and putting together creative albums that were critically acclaimed. We were big fans of the ‘Reboot’ and ‘Why so Lonely’ album releases!

As we sadly say goodbye to the Wonder Girls as a whole group, we wish each of the members the best in their future endeavours and thank them for the hard work and music that they’ve given fans over the years.

We’ll leave you with 2 recommended tracks to watch and listen to! See below for videos of ‘Like This’ from their earlier days (their dance practice version) and a live rendition of ‘Why So Lonely’ from their final album. Legendary output from legendary performers.

Featured image source: © Wonder Girls. JYP Entertainment, 28.01.2017, JYP Entertainment’s Wonder Girls artist gallery

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