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What’s Going On This Month? – SEPTEMBER

Although it’s getting cooler now and summer is coming to a close, it doesn’t mean all the fun is over! In fact in South Korea, it’s just starting. Here is a list of a few of the exciting events that are taking place this month:

Hyoseok Cultural Festival 평창 효석문화제
2nd – 10th September

If you’ve ever read the contemporary novel ‘When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom’, then you absolutely HAVE to go to this festival! It commemorates the author of the novel, Lee Hyo-seok, in his hometown of Bongpyeong. There are so many things going on across the week, from literature themed activities to traditional musical performances, which ties in perfectly with the drum keyring that you can find in this month’s CULTURE box.

© Sajik Daeje, 02.09.2017,

© Sajik Daeje, 02.09.2017,

Sajik Daeje 사직대제
23rd September

Have a strong interest in rich history of South Korea? Then you should make a note of this festival which takes place in the country’s capital, Seoul. It’s an annual festival, translating as the ‘Great Rite for the Gods of Earth and Agriculture’ and is a ritual which dates all the way back to the Joseon dynasty. As the title suggests, the ritual aims to both celebrate the efforts of their ancestors, as well as thanking the Gods for the land and produce.

Although this year’s schedule hasn’t quite been finalised and published, last year’s proceedings sounded amazing! Click here if you want to find out more about what you could be seeing.

K-Pop World Festival
29th September

Love all things K-Pop? Then head over to Changwon to enjoy some absolutely amazing performances! Here you’ll find both groups and soloists representing their country in the final round of the annual competition. As well as this, in previous years many popular idols such as B.A.P, EXO and many more were guest performers at the event. So what are you waiting for? Click here to get your ticket!

© Andong Mask Festival, 02.09.2017,

© Andong Mask Festival, 02.09.2017,

Andong Mask Dance Festival 안동국제탈춤페스티벌
29th September – 8th October

If you want to get away from Seoul for a bit, then why not add this festival to your itinerary? Here, you’ll not only find beautiful, unique masks but also a jackpot of preserved, cultural items and symbols for the public to take a closer look at. We love how the city of Andong is still able to maintain its identity!

These are only our favourite events that are occurring in the month of September. There’s so much more to look forward to in the upcoming months, as well as even more events!

Natalie Mierswa

Writer and dreamer. German mind, American heart and Asian soul. Member of Kim Jongdae Appreciation Society and proud donator to the Park Jimin Jams Fund.



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