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Villain – K-SPOTLIGHT (Music Special)

Welcome to another edition of our K-SPOTLIGHT music specials! This time, we feature R&B/hiphop artist Villain, and are excited to present our review and recommendations for great listening.

Villain, is a young song-writer and performer, part of the AlphaDict crew and honing his craft quickly. We are already impressed with what he has put out online so far, and so were excited to bring you this edition so that more people will follow his music and support him!

If you haven’t already, please check out our interview with Villain here!

Please remember to support the artist, his music is available to purchase via iTunes.

A new R&B artist on the scene

Every so often, there is a song that we listen to, that immediately impresses us. This was the case with a track called ‘With Me’ that led to our discovery of Villain. His ability to sing fluently in two languages makes him stand out from other R&B vocalists, and his songwriting is good too. Considering that Villain involves himself in mixing, producing, writing lyrics as well as composing and arranging, he keeps himself busy! His musical output so far sounds radio-ready, and things seem to be going well. We can see this trajectory heading upwards, because Villain has the support, talent and tools to release a lot of popular music in future. We hope that he will create interesting tracks to push himself and the boundaries of R&B, as he establishes his own identity and forges his own path.


© Alphadict. Alphadict official Instagram. 01.04.2017.

Being part of the Alphadict crew will help a lot; as well as opportunities for performing together, there will be a vast pool of experience to draw upon, and an occasional helping hand should he need it. Alphadict have some cool stuff on the cards, so it’s worth following them too!

We don’t want to delay from Villain’s music any longer so read on for more information and to listen to some great songs!


Music review and track recommendations
With Me

This was the first song that we heard from the artist, and we loved it! It is sung entirely in English. Villain’s smooth vocals are put to good use here, and the feelings and concept are conveyed exceptionally well. He sings to a loved one that although he does not have much money, the love that he can provide adds up to more than anything else. We especially enjoyed the last part of the song, where the tempo quickens and the rush of words which are delivered with heavy emotion and an anguished heart.

‘I may not be able to get you the money,

But I know that I’ll be more than a billionaire, billionaire,

With my heart, with my love,

Here with me…here with me’

Rainy night


Rainy Night’ is Villain’s debut single. This is a mid-tempo R&B song, with production that allows Villain’s voice to shine. Although titled ‘Rainy night’ it feels both optimistic and chilled. There is a bassline that gets under your skin but never detracts from the vocals. We love some of the chord progressions and the fast rhythmical runs that he slots in here and there, in between the smooth sections. It’s a very balanced track; the piano gently plays throughout, and is left isolated as a wonderful introduction and ending to the piece, bookending things nicely. A great introduction to who Villain is about.

Front Line (총받이) feat. Moti

One of the earliest tracks posted onto Soundcloud, ‘Front Line’ teases what is to come in terms of collaborations with other artists. ‘Front Line’ features Moti from the Alphadict crew. We can imagine listening to this song at night whilst watching the shimmering lights of the city. The rap section is a midway interlude between Villain’s singing. We like how he switches things up in his song, with a flourish of faster tempo parts.

Fairy (feat. Jung Jinwoo)


Fairy’ is the artist’s most recent release. This track begins with an otherwordly atmosphere, before the vocals take you by surprise. A little more experimental than Villain’s previous work, you can really feel the emotion behind the words in the latter parts of this song. Villain gives more in terms of power with his singing to great effect in this one, and this is the main draw of ‘Fairy’ for us.


A short song clocking at just over a minute long. Villain’s version of happy birthday with a twist. It packs a punch in a short time!

Love yourself (cover)

Villain uploaded this cover of Justin Beiber’s ‘Love Yourself’ recently on Naver and to us, it is the better version. Although it is in keeping with the original, we think that Villain’s take on the song is much smoother, and the adlibs and falsettos elevate the song to becoming his own.

If you enjoyed this cover, why not listen to another? The artist also sang a cover of Jay Park’s ‘All I Wanna Do’ which you can look into.

There are also other tracks in which Villain has featured, that can be found on the Alphadict’s official Soundcloud channel. Check them out for yourselves! We recommend that you listen to Gaho’s ‘Shine on You’ featuring Villain and RK and ‘잠이오겠냐’featuring Villain and P.odd as good starting points.

That wraps up our music focus on Villain! We wish him the very best on his musical journey and look forward to what he comes up with next.
Thank you for reading and we hope to see you again for the next edition. We will keep striving to bring more amazing music and artists to your attention!
Support Villain by buying his music on iTunes (‘Rainy Night’ and ‘Fairy’ are available to purchase digitally)

Featured image source: © Melon. Villain artist page. 15.04.2017.

In-article images: © Planetarium records. Villain’s single artwork and © Alphadict. Alphadict’s official Instagram.

© Inspire Me Korea. 19.04.2017

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