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Variety Shows To Binge Watch Over the Holidays!

Usually when you discover (or finally get into) a K-Pop group, the first thing you’ll do is watch all their music videos and listen to their songs. But at one point you’ll find yourself wanting to know the group better, and the best way to do that is to watch their variety shows!

It’s common for K-Idol groups to have at least one variety show where they allow viewers to see different sides of them, whether it be at home or travelling around, and the results are always entertaining.

So here are ten of our favourite K-Pop variety shows to binge watch during the Christmas break~!

1. SHINee’s Hello Baby

©SHINee hello baby, 04.10.2017,

©SHINee hello baby, 04.10.2017,

Following in Girls Generation’s footsteps, the second season of Hello Baby featured SHINee as the ‘fathers’ of a four year old boy named Yooguen. Although at first they didn’t really know what to do, eventually SHINee figured things out and became quite good parents.

Within twelve episodes we see laughter, crying, bickering, historical re-enactments, fashion shows, tantrums and, most of all, bonding between the members of SHINee and Yoogeun.

SHINee’s Hello Baby is funny, wholesome and their struggles with parenthood will have you in stitches – which is perfect for when you’re in need of cheering up!

WARNING: Be prepared for SHINee’s unique 2010 styles, haircuts and pyjamas (you’ll see what we mean in Ep.11) as well as Ring Ding Dong being played at least nineteen times each episode.

2. EXO Showtime

©chogiwa, 04.10.2017,

©chogiwa, 04.10.2017,

It may be a bit emotional to watch now, but EXO Showtime was and always will be a fun variety show to watch – from Christmas parties and bonding beach trips to karaoke games and haunted houses, we’re treated to all sorts of hysterical content!

Not only does EXO Showtime feature all twelve members, it also gives us a glimpse into their daily lives and shows how well their individual charisma’s blended together. It’s a must-see for any EXO-L and a lighthearted program for everyone else.

WARNING: In this show you will be exposed to many of EXO’s iconic inside jokes, such as Sehun’s ‘Yehet’ and ‘Ohorat’ and the birth of Baekhyun’s ‘Kkaebsong‘. Good luck.

3. Amazing f(x)

©Amazing f(x), 04.10.2014,

©Amazing f(x), 04.10.2014,

Taking place in both Seoul and New Zealand, Amzing f(x) showcases the members’ individual styles, compatibility as a group and their lives offstage as they partook in different activities like skydiving, fishing, horse riding and sheep-shearing!

WARNING: You will witness Amber’s infamous lama impression and Luna trying to pronounce helicopter. You may die from exposure to their cuteness.

4. VIXX’s Plan V Diary

©vixx, 04.10.2017,

©vixx, 04.10.2017,

Filmed during their On and On (a.k.a the vampires in space) era, Plan V Diary follows the members of VIXX as they go on many exciting trips and participate in hilariously themed missions which include strict dress codes, high school concerts, getting lost in a maze and flirting with restaurant owners for cheaper food.

And since this aired shortly after the groups debut we get to see the members of VIXX interact with one another and grow closer together as a group – as well as almost kill each other!

WARNING: If you watch this show please use caution when adjusting your volume, as the members of VIXX are known for being extremely noisy, confusing and are prone to talking all at once.

5. BTS Bon Voyage

©BTS BV, 04.10.2014,

©BTS BV, 04.10.2014,

In order to celebrate their 3rd anniversary, BTS travelled around Northern Europe for ten days – during which they got lost multiple times, misplaced their passports, tickets AND bags as well as went on mountain hikes, took relaxing train rides and a cruise.

In Bon Voyage Season 1 we see BTS  hilariously travel through Norway and Finland as they explore the sights, interact with the locals and enjoy a much needed vacation. Fans were also giving eight behind the scene videos that gave other, unseen, aspects of the trip.

WARNING: Be prepared to have at least one member lose something, whether it be a bag or themselves, each episode. Also lots of random dancing.

6. Toppdogg All-Kill

©ToppDogg All-Kill, 04.10.2014,

©ToppDogg All-Kill, 04.10.2014,

In 2016 Toppdogg partnered up with Soompi to create a variety show called Toppdogg All-Kill, where the members would participate in missions such as convenience store relay races, cooking showdowns and pepero ring challenges!

Sadly Toppdogg has gone through many member changes since their debut in 2014 – only five of the original thirteen members still promote as a group – but All-Kill is a throwback to simpler times when the all the members (besides Seogoong, Kidoh and Gohn) enjoyed spending time together playing charades, eating jellybeans and just having fun with one another.

Also, in order to brighten the mood a bit here’s a video of Toppdogg being lovey-dovey with each other on Pepero Day to cheer you up! It’s not apart of All-Kill but it is still good quality content, trust us!

WARNING: If you watch this show there is an very high chance you will get attached to Toppdogg and begin to love them (if you haven’t already), so watch with extreme caution.

7. Girls Day One Fine Day

©Girls Day, 04.10.2014,

©Girls Day, 04.10.2014,

Before their comeback in 2015 the members of Girls Day travelled to Okinawa, Japan, whilst filming their One Fine Day, there they enlightened us with their goofy antics, hilarious interactions and showed fans a bit more of their emotional side.

Not only was this their first vacation in a long time, it was also their first variety show – so you can expect to see a lot of confusing and iconic scenes!

WARNING: The members of Girls Day are beyond funny and will have you laughing hysterically at their witty banter and awkward interactions with strangers.

8. Seventeen’s One Fine Day/13 Castaway Boys

©seventeen, 12.10.2014,

©seventeen, 12.10.2014,

If you’re familiar with Seventeen, you’ll know of two big variety shows that they featured on; One Fine Day in Japan, where they enjoyed skiing and the hot saunas of Akita, and 13 Castaway Boys, where they were tricked and deserted on a strange fishing island to fend for themselves.

In Castaway Boys we see Seventeen stranded without their staff (and most of their luggage!) as they struggle to prepare their own meals, catch fish, harvest cabbage, complete missions and simply survive as a group. It was difficult at times to watch them go through certain hardships, but overall Seventeen made the best of things and never stopped being entertaining!

Almost the complete opposite, in One Fine Day in Japan Seventeen are treated to a trip around Japan and eventually end up in the Akita prefecture, where along the way they enjoy train rides, mountain resorts, saunas, mud baths and sashimi! It’s not all fun and games though, since the members often get lost on their way and are constantly baffled with the Japanese language, but all in all they never give up and don’t stop making us laugh.

WARNING: If you haven’t fallen in love with Seventeen by now then you most certainly will after watching either of these shows.

9. Got7ing

©GOT7ing, 04.10.2014,

©GOT7ing, 04.10.2014,

Filmed during their Fly era, GOT7ing follows the members of GOT7 as they enjoy various activities such as bowling, eating, singing karaoke, rowing in swan shaped boats and playing in the park.

Since it’s unscripted, GOT7ing is extremely hilarious and, at times, very random which makes it the perfect variety show to watch if you need a good laugh!

WARNING: GOT7 are infamous for screaming, dabbing 24/7, injuring each other and just generally ruining their image so watch out for that.


©KNK, 04.10.2014,

©KNK, 04.10.2014,

Last up on our list is MY KNK TV – a show that follows the boy group KNK (Keunakeun) from before their debut in 2016 all the way till now.

KNK are known for their astonishing height (their average height is 6ft!) and their incredible vocals, but fans of the group also know that KNK are the most noisy, dramatic, clingy and hilarious boys ever!

By watching MY KNK TV you’ll see the members complete missions, play and interact with one another as well as see how genuinely funny and close they are as friends. Each episode is short and sweet (plus they’re still filming!) which makes them the perfect thing to binge watch!

WARNING: Anticipate excessive amounts of yelling, falling on the floor, nonstop laughter, skinship and overall goofiness. Also expect to stan KNK after watching this show.
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Feature Image Source: ©seventeen-one-fine-day-japan, 04.10.2014,

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