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Music Release Roundup (Early Oct) – K-SPOTLIGHT

Hello Inspire Me Korea readers! It’s time for another music release roundup!


Solo singer Ailee has released a mini album titled ‘A New Empire’, containing six brand new songs. A few of the tracks have featuring artists, such as ‘Feelin’ with Eric Nam and ‘Home’ featuring the legendary Yoon Mi-Rae. Music videos are available for two tracks, ‘If You’ and ‘Home’. Ailee takes steps into R&B territory, and utilises her voice in more subdued fashion particularly in the first three tracks. This restraint works well in the context of the songs, and gives the album a slightly different feel to her previous albums.




PENTAGON have their first mini album of the same name released. This is CUBE entertainment’s newest boy group. The first track is a dance-heavy intro, with 6 full length songs making up the rest of the album. A mixture of slower ballad-type songs (‘You Are’, ‘Organic song’) and up-tempo dance music (including ‘Pentagon’, ‘Gorilla’) can be found in this debut effort from PENTAGON.




SHINee’s back! The hotly anticipated return of SHINee with their 5th album, titled ‘1 of 1’ sees them experimenting with a retro sound nuanced with a touch of modernity. The nostalgia factor is very relatable and used cleverly in the colourful MV for ‘1 of 1’, marking the group’s foray into the new jack swing genre. One of SHINee’s greatest strengths is their adaptability and experimentation. ‘Prism’ develops from a gentle start into an edgy song, all the while retaining a smooth quality amongst the dynamic beats. We recommend ‘Feel Good’, a track that has an air of familiarity about it, and is executed exceedingly well. A mysterious aura is conveyed in ‘Don’t Stop’ and the album ends in fun and light-hearted fashion with ‘So Amazing’.




Dalshabet have come back with ‘FRI.SAT.SUN’, their 10th mini album, which in itself is quite a feat! They have adopted a concept based on the feeling of looking forward to the weekend. The title song of the same name feels fresh, with clever use of instrumentals and changes of tempo making it a fun track to listen to. ‘FRI.SAT.SUN’ is a mini album filled with bright songs.




Apink have released ‘Pink Revolution’, an easy listening album with title track ‘Only One’. ‘Boom Pow Love’ is a little reminiscent of Charli XCX’s ‘Boom Clap’. ‘Drummer Boy’ and ‘Catch Me’ are tracks that switch things up in the album, and are surprising but welcome additions to Apink’s repertoire.




Last but not least sees the return of BTS! Their full length album is titled ‘Wings’ and fans are spoiled with a 15 song tracklist. The first is a shorter length intro, but makes for a darkly atmospheric and immediately hard-hitting beginning. A music video is available for ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ where you can admire the impressive choreography in this dance infused track. BTS showcase each member’s individuality in this album by also including solo songs. Jimin’s solo ‘Lie’ is a particularly intriguing listen, with twists and turns throughout which keep you hooked, we highly recommend it! Members Jungkook, V, Suga and Rap Monster slow things down with their solos to balance out the album, and Jin contributes a nice ballad too. Those that enjoy rap tracks won’t be disappointed, there are several of those on the tracklist. ‘Am I Wrong’ is our pick of the uptempo songs! The ‘Wings’ album is already doing very well in the charts, so check it out for yourselves!



Feature image source: ©SHINee ‘1 of 1’ album cover. Soompi. 15.10.2016. Soompi web article.

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