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Indie Artist: Suran – K-SPOTLIGHT

This week’s Spotlight recommendation is Suran, a female solo indie artist who has a voice that stands out from the crowd. On top of possessing distinctive vocals, she is a songwriter and sound designer! Her music can vary from being extremely soulful to having you dancing around the room with her dream pop tracks.

Due to her distinctive vocals, she has featured on various hiphop releases from other artists. In TK’s ‘Local Market’ featuring Loco and Suran, the chorus really comes alive when Suran makes her appearance on the track. Her voice also makes for a great contrasting foil to Zico’s introspective words in ‘Pride and Prejudice’. She switches her sound in ‘Calling in Love’ and incorporates phone sound effects, synth sounds and guitars to build up many interesting layers in the song. She also wrote the powerful ‘I Feel’, an emotional song that narrates the pain of a broken relationship whilst encouraging a new start.

Some examples of her best work include ‘Mannequin’ produced by Primary, co-written by Suran and featuring Beenzino. One of the rare cases where a track that communicates a message was able to achieve mainstream success; it addressed the societal norms of following trends, including striving for the ideal look and standards of beauty, and the spending culture in Korea. Despite the slightly serious social commentary underlying the song, ‘Mannequin’ sounds very upbeat and lively, and this ironic take on the composition together with utilisation of different areas of each person’s artistry in the performance blends extremely well. Listen to ‘Mannequin’ below and let us know what you think!

Featured image source: © D-2 #수란 profile2Photo by @less_photo. 03.02.2017. Suran’s official Facebook.

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