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The K-Dramas of the Month: June 2018

The constant struggle of staying up to date with all the latest in the world of K-Dramas is real! Especially when every single month brings with it a wealth of new dramas. The remedy for those K-Drama blues? Binging of course! And here at IMK we have you covered with a list of the most binge-worthy dramas this month!


~Coming Soon~

Secrets & Lies

© Secrets and Lies Poster, MBC Korea, 24.06.2018,

Premieres On: 25th of June.

Summary: Han Woo Jung’s life falls apart after she is betrayed by her best friend. THrough everything she maintains positive and chases her dreams and ambitions. Will she overcome the betrayal and find her happiness?

Main Cast: Oh Seung-A, Seo Hae-Won, Kim Kyung-Nam, Lee Joong-Moon, Jeon No-Min, Lee Il-Hwa, Seo In-Seok, Kim Hye-Sun, Lee Joon-Young, Park Chul-Min, Kim Hee-Jung, Kim Ye-Rin.

Genre: Melodrama, Family.

~Recently Premiered~

Are You Human?

© Are You Human? Poster, KBS Korea, 24.06.2018,

Premiered On: 4th of June.

Summary: Nam Shin is the son of a wealthy family. Due to an unexpected accident, he is left in a coma. Nam Shin’s mother is the leading scientists in the fields of brain science and artificial intelligence. She creates an android, Nam Shin III, to take pretend to be her son while he is unconscious. Nam Shin’s mother hires a bodyguard to protect Nam Shin III, but will this young bodyguard start to develop feelings for this robot?

Main Cast: Seo Kang-Joon, Kong Seung-Yeon, Lee Joon-Hyuk, Park Hwan-Hee, Kim Sung-Ryoung, Yu Oh-Seong, Park Young-Gyu, Choi Duk-Moon, Kim Hye-Eun, Seo Eun Yool, Kim Won-Hae, Kim Hyun-Sook, Oh Hee-Joon, Cha Yub, Chae Dong-Hyun, Cha In-Ha, Jo Jae-Ryong, Choi Byung-Mo, Oh Eui-Sik, Oh Han-Kyul, Lee Joo-Chan.

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Mystery.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

© What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, tvN Korea, 24.06.2018,

Premiered On: 6th of June.

Summary: Lee Young-Jun is the Vice President of a large company run by his family. It would seem he has it all, wealth, intelligence, good looks, but he is terribly arrogant. His secretary of many years, Kim Mi-So, is a perfect match for him. Things start to fall apart for Lee Young-Jun when Kim Min-So suddenly decides to quit her job, leaving Young-Jun asking the question, what’s wrong with secretary Kim?

Main Cast: Park Seo-Joon, Park Min-Young, Lee Tae-Hwan, Kim Byung-Ok, Kim Hye-Ok, Kang Ki-Young, Chansung, Pyo Ye-Jin, Lee Yoo-Joon, Hwang Bo-Ra, Lee Jung-Min, Kim Jung-Woon, Kang Hong-Suk, Baek Eun-Hye, Heo Soon-Mi, Kim Ye-Won, Hong Ji-Yoon, Park Byung-Eun, Kim Hyun-Joo.

Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Life On Mars

© Life on Mars Poster, OCN Korea, 24.06.2018,

Premiered On: 9th of June.

Summary: Han Tae-Joo is a high profile detective who leads an investigation team. He rose through the ranks in his career rapidly and has a tendency to trust data over people. During the investigation of a serial murder case, he is caught in an accident. When Tae-Joo wakes up, he finds himself working as a small town detective in 1988. To get back to the present time he decides to solve a current serial murder case.

Main Cast: Jung Kyoung-Ho, Park Sung-Woong, Ko Ah-Sung, Oh Dae-Hwan, Noh Jong-Hyun, Jun Suk-Ho, Kim Jae-Kyung, Lee Hee-Won, Kim Ki-Cheon, Kim Young-Pil, Choi Seung-Yoon, Jeon Hye-Bin.

Genre: Police Procedural, Crime, Science Fiction.

That’s our rather short list of the best K-Dramas this month! If you think we missed any that should be here, or have started watching some of these, make sure to let us know! We would love to chat K-Dramas with you! You can find us on all of our social media!




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