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The K-Dramas of The Month: February 2018

If you can manage to take your eyes off of all the awesome Winter Olympics action, there are a ton of exciting K-Dramas coming out this month. With Valentines Day behind us, there is still plenty of love in the air with these dramas! All those who are not into romance need not worry though, not only is there is a bunch of action as well, there is also focus on the types of love that can only be shared between family and friends! Overall it’s set to be a very exciting month of K-Dramas. ^-^

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Should We Kiss First

키스 먼저 할까요

© Should We Kiss First Poster 2, KBS2 Korea, 14.02.2018,

Premiers On: February 20.

Summary: This drama focuses on four adults who have lost all faith in love. Son Moo-Han, managing director of an advertising company. An Soon-Jin, who lost her daughter unexpectedly, works as a flight attendant. Eun Kyung-Soo, is An Soon-Jin’s ex-husband and he is now married to Baek Ji-Min. Will they heal the wounds that have caused them to be so bitter? Will they fall in love again?

Main Cast: Kam Woo-Sung, Kim Sun-A, Oh Ji-Ho, Park Si-Yeon, Kim Sung-Su, Ye Ji-Won, Jung Da-Bin, Ki Do-Hoon.

Genre: Romance, Melodrama.

Children of a Lesser God

작은 신의 아이들

© Chldren of a Lesser God Poster, OCN Korea, 17.02.2018,

Premiers On: February 24.

Summary: Two detectives, one a very intelligent man who is guided by facts and logic only. The other, a girl who has the supernatural ability to see the moment a person was killed. Despite their differences, they work together and solve crime and uncover a conspiracy involving a powerful organization.

Main Cast: Kang Ji-Hwan, Kim Ok-Vin, Sim Hee-Seop, Lee Elijah, Jang Gwang, Jo Min-Gi, Lee Hyo-Jeong, Ahn Kil-Kang, Kim Hyeong-Beom, Yeon Jae-Hyeong.

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Supernatural, Procedural, Cop.

Doll’s House/Mysterious Personal Shopper

인형의 집

© Doll’s House Poster, KBS2 Korea, 17.02.2018,

Premiers On: February 26.

Summary: Love, betrayal, and friendship. Two women, one a personal shopper who has been betrayed by everyone she loves now seeks revenge. The other, the only child of a wealthy CEO, although her life appears perfect she has a fear of abandonment which has lead her to be demanding and controlling. Will the power of love and friendship help these two women heal their wounds? Or will they both grow bitter and cold?

Main Cast: Park Ha-Na, Wang Bit-Na, Choi Myoung-Gil, Lee Eun-Hyung, Han Sang-Jin, Kim Ji-Sung, Bae Noo-Ri, Lee Ho-Jae, Lee Han-Wi, Jung Soo-Young, Kim Ki-Doo, Park Hyun-Suk, Yoo Seo-Jin, Shim Jin-Hwa, Lee Kwan-Hoon.

Genre: Melodrama, Mystery.

Queen of Mystery 2

추리의 여왕 2

© Queen of Mystery 2 Poster, KBS2 Korea, 17.02.2018,

Premiers On: February 28.

Summary: The second season of the popular drama Queen of Mystery, follows Yoo Seol-Ok, who has left her life as an ordinary housewife behind to help detective Ha Wan-Seung solve mysteries.

Main Cast: Choi Gang-Hee, Kwon Sang-Woo, Lee Da-Hee, Oh Min-Suk, Kim Hyun-Sook, Kim Tae-Woo, Park Byung-Eun, Kim Won-Hae, Min Sung-Wook, Kim Min-Sang, Kim Jong-Soo, Jang Yoo-Sang, Jeon Su-Kyeong.

Genre: Comedy, Mystery.

~Recently Premiered~



© Misty Poster, JTBC Korea, 17.01.2018,

Premiered On: February 2.

Summary: Go Hye-Ran is a popular and hard-working anchorwoman. Her husband,  Kang Tae-Wook, used to be a prosecutor but now works as a public defender. Their marriage has been on the rocks for a while, but when Go Hye-Ran becomes the lead suspect in a murder case Kang Tae-Wook puts aside everything to defend her. The two work together to prove her innocence and might even fall in love again in the process.

Main Cast: Kim Nam-Joo, Ji Jin-Hee, Jeon Hye-Jin, Im Tae-Kyung, Go Joon, Jin Ki-Joo, Ahn Nae-Sang, Lee Kyoung-Young, Lee Sung-Wook, Koo Ja-Sung, Lee Ah-Hyun, Kim Hyung-Jong, Lee Joon-Hyuk, Kim Soo-Jin.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Drama, Romance.

Welcome to Waikiki

으라차차 와이키키

© Welcome to Waikiki Poster, JTBC Korea, 17.02.2018,

Premiered On: February 5.

Summary: Waikiki is a guest house run by three young men who are struggling to succeed in their chosen fields. Kang Dong-Goo an aspiring director cursed with bad luck, Cheon Joon-Ki a B-grade actor who wanted to be famous like his father, and Bong-Doo-Sik an unsuccessful scenario writer. Their guest house is in danger of bankruptcy, but things change when a mysterious single mother shows up with her baby.

Main Cast: Kim Jung-Hyun, Lee Yi-Kyung, Son Seung-Won, Jung In-Sun, Go Won-Hee, Lee Joo-Woo, Park Sung-Woong, Sul Jung-Hwan, Han Ji-Sang, Choi Ri.

Genre: Sports, Romance, Friendship.



© Short Poster, OCN Korea, 17.02,2018,

Premiered On: February 12.

Summary: Kang Ho-Young a short track speed skater from the country, is scouted by Kangbaek University an institution famous for its short track speed skaters. While there he meets Park Eun-Ho, who is known as the “King of Short Track Speed Skating.” Park Eun-Ho is the only child of a prestigious sporting family but finds himself in a slump. Through competing against each other the two become good friends. Their friendship will be put to the test when they both fall in love with the same girl, Yoo Ji-Na, who is trying to get into a girl group.

Main Cast: Kang Tae-Oh, Yeo Hoi-Hyeon, Kim Do-Yeon, Park So-Eun, Noh Jung Hyun, Yu Ha-Jun, Park Jun-Myun, Yoo Ha-Bok, Kang Shin-Koo, Min Kyung-Jin, Kim Wook.

Genre: Sports, Romance, Friendship.

Waves, Waves

파도야 파도야

© Waves Waves Poster, KBS2 Korea, 17.02.2018,

Premiered On: February 12.

Summary: This TV novel follows Oh Bok-Sil’s family, who have been separated due to the Korean War and lost everything. They remain undaunted and fight through all their hardships with dignity and strength, proving what is possible when you persevere and don’t give up!

Main Cast: Ayoung, Park Jeong-Uk, Jay, Jang Jae-Ho, Seo Ha, Roh Haeng-Ha, Kim Jung-Hun, Jung Yoon-Hye, Lee Kyung-Jin, Ban Hyo-Jung, Lee Si-Hoo, Sun Woo Jae Duk, Sung Hyun-Ah, Kwon Oh-Hyeon, Lee Kyung-Sil, Jung Seung-Ho, Lee Joo-Hyun, Park Sun-Young.

Genre: Melodrama, Family.

These are the dramas we are most excited about this month! Which dramas are you looking forward to? Have you started watching any of these yet? Let us know!

Featured Image Source: © Welcome to Waikiki Shooting Scene, JTBC Korea, 17.02.2018,

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