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The K-Dramas of August 2017

Being a fan of Korean dramas isn’t easy, it can be really hard to keep up with the constant influx of new releases. Seriously, it never it stops! But we love it ^^

How many dramas are coming out this month? Am I interested in this storyline? Are any of my favourite actors and actresses in them?  Will this drama leave me an emotional wreck? (Probably) Do I have time to binge this? (No…) Will I anyway? (Yes!) Will I fall in love with one or all of the cast? (most definitely)

There are many things a K-drama fan must deal with, so we thought we would make it easier for our fellow fans.

Here is our list of the upcoming and recently released k-dramas of August that we recommend!


We are super excited for these upcoming K-Dramas ^-^

1. Age of Youth 2

© Age of youth 2 Poster, JTBC, 18.08.2017,

© Age of youth 2 Poster, JTBC, 18.08.2017,

– premiers on August 25

Summary: A peek into the life of five college students as they grow through the many pains and struggles of youth, friendship, and romance.

Main Cast: Han Ye-Ri, Han Seung-Yeon, Park Eun-Bin, Ji-Woo, Choi A-Ra, Ryu Hwa-Yang, Onew.

Genre: Youth, Romance, Drama.

2. Somehow 18

© Somehow 18 Poster, Naver TV Cast / JTBC, 18.08.2017,

© Somehow 18 Poster, Naver TV Cast / JTBC, 18.08.2017,

– premiers August 28

Summary: Kyung-Whee, a resident in orthopedics, travels back in time to when he was eighteen to save his lost love Na-Bi, who died when they were in high-school.

Main Cast: Minho, Lee Yoo-Bi, Kim Bo-Mi, Yoo Joon-Hong

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance.

3. Hospital Ship

© Hospital Ship Poster, MBC, 18.08.2017,

© Hospital Ship Poster, MBC, 18.08.2017,

– premiers on August 30

Summary: The drama, romance, growth, and journey of a group of young doctors on a hospital ship. Travelling around remote islands bringing medical aid to the locals.

Main Cast: Ha Ji-Won, Kang Min-Hyuk, Lee Seo-won, Kim In-Sik, Min A.

Genre: Medical.

4. Fall from the Sky

© Fall from the Sky, Nam Ji-Eun & Kim In-Ho, 18.08.2017,

© Fall from the Sky, Nam Ji-Eun & Kim In-Ho, 18.08.2017,

– premiers on August 31

Summary: Based on the webcomic “Haneuleseo Ddeoleojin Pol” (하늘에서 떨어진 폴)  written by Nam Ji-Eun and illustrated by  Kim In-Ho. Half-Angel Paul tries to return to Heaven, but when Seo-Hee, the only person who can see him, saves his life. He volunteers to become her guardian angel, and use his unique powers to protect her.

Main Cast: Yoon Hyun-Min, An Woo-Yeon.

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Romance.

You can check out the webcomic ‘Fall from the Sky’ >>HERE<< (Just a forewarning, it is all written in Korean).

~Recently Premiered~

Here are some of the K-Drama’s that have already started and we totally suggest  you check them out!

1. Save Me

© Save Me Poster, OCN, 18.08.2017,

© Save Me Poster, OCN, 18.08.2017,

Summary: Based on the webcomic series “Sesang Bakeuro” (세상 밖으로) by Jo Geum-San. “Save Me” follows four unemployed young men who try to help a woman escape a religious cult.

Main Cast: TaecYeon, Seo Ye-Ji, Woo Do-Hwan, David Lee, Ha Hwe-Jung, Cho Seong-Ha.

Genre: Action, suspense, thriller, crime, romance.

You can check out the webcomic ‘Save Me’ >>HERE<< (Once again, it is all in Korean).

2. Manhole

© Manhole Poster, KBS2, 18.08.2017,

© Manhole Poster, KBS2, 18.08.2017,

Summary: Bong-Pil’s life long friend Soo-Jin, who he has been in love with for 28 years, is getting married…unfortunately not to him. After falling through a manhole and travelling back in time, Bong-Pil attempts to prevent Soo-Jin’s marriage with the help of his friends.

Main Cast: Kim Jae-Joong, Uee, Jung Hye-Seong, Baro.

Genre: Comedy, romance, fantasy.

3. Strongest Deliveryman

© Strongest Deliveryman Poster, KBS2, 18.08.2017,

© Strongest Deliveryman Poster, KBS2, 18.08.2017,

Summary: The story of a humble deliveryman Choi Kang-Soo and his struggle to find success in life. Along the way he meets success crazed deliverywoman Lee Dan-Ah. What starts out as competition soon turns into a budding romance.

Main Cast: Go Kyung-Pyo, Chae Soo-Bin, Kim Seon-Ho, Ko Won-Hee.

Genre: Romance, melodrama, action, comedy.

That’s our list of recommendations for the dramas of August! We hope you enjoyed it.

Which dramas are you looking foward to the most? Have you started watching any of our recommendations? What dramas are you currently watching? Let us know!

Featured Image Source: © K-Dramas of August, InspireMeKorea, 18.08.2017,

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