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Stereotype – K-SPOTLIGHT (Music Special)

We wanted to take some time to recommend tracks and bring lots of music to the attention of our readers, and so created a second part to the special K-SPOTLIGHT on Stereotype (스테레오타입)! We worked hard in seeking out, listening and watching all of the videos we could find of Stereotype performing, and picked the best of the bunch to showcase to everyone. This extensive review and highlights article has been compiled in order to let everyone know what the band are about. From live versions to covers, there is certainly plenty to say about Stereotype, so without further ado, let’s get started!

Please read our interview with the band! You will get a better appreciation of the members, and can also read an introduction of their music in their own words there.

Support Stereotype by purchasing tracks from the ‘Come Back James’ EP on iTunes or Google Play! 

An introduction to the band, Stereotype

We can remember discovering Stereotype completely by accident, when on the lookout for new music on day. From hearing the introduction of some of tracks, we were pretty sure we would like what would come next, and that is exactly what happened! They have a highly accessible melodic rock sound, and make music that is very listenable and long-lasting. It also helps that they have made some videos and have performed in venues where the crowd have taken fancams; it was relatively easy to seek out their songs and watch their performances. We feel that public attention has been increasing for them, and so we hope that they are able to capitalise on that momentum and continue to create great music!

They have a highly accessible melodic rock sound, and make music that is very listenable and long-lasting.


Vocalist Keemyoung, has a soft voice, with has a breathy quality to it that we really like. The other members, Eurock, James, Chang and Dominic work hard to create the catchy instrumentals that underpin Stereotype’s songs. Eurock and James put a lot of effort into songwriting, and Keemyoung contributes to making lyrics. It’s a well run team, and they achieved deserving recognition for their work at the K-Rookies music competition last year. Congratulations to Stereotype! We are happy for your success!


Music review and track recommendations

We shall begin with their most recent music! Stereotype released their debut EP, titled ‘Come Back James’, named in tribute to one of their members who is in Australia for now (a shout out to James!) which explains the majority of their performances being as a four-piece at the moment.



The first track ‘Denmark’ has a European sound, and is an upbeat number. This is actually one of our favourites from the EP! At first, the light strumming of acoustic guitar and light piano falsely suggests that this song is a melancholy one, but after a few bars, the electric guitar, bass and drums create this addictive pulsating beat to introduce Stereotype with a bang and flourish. Each of the instruments really make this track stand out for us. We’ve since listened to ‘Denmark’ many times(!), and by focusing on picking out the single instruments on separate occasions, it made us appreciate how much every contribution has to the overall effect of the track. For us, it is simply a song that celebrates enjoyment of music!


We picked out this performance of ‘Denmark’ at the K-Rookies event (the stage and lighting looks pretty spectacular in the photograph, don’t you agree?) so that you can see what a performance by Stereotype is like. They even won an award there!

Video credit: IndieCoaster YouTube channel. 06.07.2016

In any band, there is a great importance attached to the role of each member. This is a case in point with Stereotype. Eurock and James are the pivotal backbone in terms of song-writing and core instrumentals, Dominick and Chang do well with driving the tempo of each song with their guitar and bass playing, and Keemyoung’s voice acts like an entrancing hook to any listener in itself. She always looks great on stage too, possessing the unmistakable aura of a frontwoman in a band.



Next, comes ‘Falling’. A very professional-looking bright music video was recorded for this song. There’s paint and coloured powder involved!

Main vocalist Keemyoung’s vocal colour can be described as both dreamlike and soothing. There is a lightness there that matches well with the positivity in their music. Having helped with penning the lyrics, Keemyoung has the creative freedom to sing about emotions that are important to her, and this is well demonstrated in ‘Falling’ where she revealed (in a KBS world radio interview) arose from reflecting on a dissipated relationship, deciding not to ‘waste time’ dwelling on negative feelings. It’s like a ‘get a grip on yourself’ song, in a way! We think that the contrast between the brightness of the MV and some of the seriousness of the lyrics is a good one, in that it creates multiple layers for listeners to explore and enjoy.

There used to be an acoustic live version of ‘Falling’ that we stumbled upon many months ago, but unfortunately this video is not available anymore, and a newer stage version was under restricted access. Hopefully the band will record this at some point soon for the international fans because it really was quite something!



This track is our other favourite! Sometimes you just need a song to be encouraging and remind you that you aren’t alone. This is a live version broadcast on radio, which we love! Just close your eyes and let the words envelope you in comforting fashion.

Video credit: 90.7MHz radio station YouTube channel.  02.12.2017



How you doing

How you doing’ has a recurring guitar riff that is very catchy! This song is like a conversation during the verses (‘How’s it going? Is it okay?’) and then being thrust into a crowd in the chorus!

The band look amazing here in this video coordinating themselves in white and black clothing, doing a live version of this song. We kept on being drawn to Eurock on the drums, where we can see him giving his all without being hidden away in the background for once!

Video credit: 1theK YouTube channel. 10.11.2017


The final track on the EP is ‘Merry go round’ which has brings in synthesizer sections, and is good for easy listening. Stereotype try experimenting more with electronic effects on the vocals in this one. Check it out below!

Video credit: MorinD Kim YouTube channel. 29.08.2015

Come Back James’ is a very cohesive album; we had no qualms about listening to all the tracks in one sitting and each song seamlessly leads onto the next. No matter when quietly sitting at the window watching the world go by, being caught out by a sudden downpour of rain, or winding down from a stressful day, we always had Stereotype’s music with us as an accompanying soundtrack. It’s hard not to feel content when the melodies are like familiar friends and we subconsciously found ourselves returning to their music again and again (did we mention that we really like Denmark? 🙂 )

Basically…what we want to say is that the album is highly replayable!




Lastly, in this final section we would like to recommend some other Stereotype songs and covers!

The first song from Stereotype that originally caught our attention was ‘Unity’. We loved it immediately! It’s such a feel-good song, and they do well with the electronic elements here. I can see this track being a complete crowd-pleaser at outdoor concerts with the audience clapping along to the music. Furthermore, the band look happy and at ease performing it in this video! They once again look amazing together here, even in the context of such a simple recording.

The band have also tackled several cover versions of popular songs. We think that the best of these is their rendition of ‘Wings’ by Birdy (Keemyoung’s voice goes to another level when everything is stripped back) and ‘Close to Me’ by D’Sound (elements of this song are not incorporated in Stereotype’s own discography, so it felt refreshing to hear this kind of sound from the band).

Video credit: 90.7MHz radio station YouTube channel.  02.12.2017

Listen to even more music on Stereotype’s official YouTube channel!

Concluding comments

Whilst Stereotype created melodic rock tracks in their debut EP, rock music spans a wide spectrum. We are intrigued as to how the band would fare when tackling some harder-hitting material, either with regards to more powerful emotional context and subject matter, or in terms of the musical composition. If they created a song that took the level achieved with ‘Denmark’ one level further in terms of intensity (looking to enhance the guitar, bass and drums a bit) and at the same time challenged Keemyoung to produce her version of pure and raw emotive vocals; that could be an interesting and achievable step-wise progression of their rock sound.

In saying that, the possibilities for Stereotype are not limited to following such a path, and in essence their potential is endless. They have successfully created a solid foundation to build on, and as time progresses, will only achieve an even greater understanding of the abilities of each member, which will help to guide their creative decisions. We hope that they continually push each others’ musical boundaries to achieve bigger and better things.

And that brings us to the end of this K-SPOTLIGHT! We truly wish Stereotype well in their future career in music, and look forward to the release of their new material. To reiterate what we said in part one, we only see good things happening for this band and hope that our support will help them on their way to achieving great success!
Please support the band by purchasing tracks from the ‘Come Back James’ EP on iTunes or Google Play! 


Featured image source: © Come Back James EP cover. Stereotype 스테레오타입. 17.02.2017. Stereotype’s official Facebook.

In-article images source: © Stereotype 스테레오타입. 17.02.2017. All images used within the article were kindly provided by Stereotype.

Embedded videos belong to Stereotype (official versions) unless otherwise stated and credited.

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