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We’ve been so hyped for this comeback that we couldn’t contain our excitement when the music video for ‘BOOM BOOM’ was finally released. Seventeen, a 13-member boy group from Pledis Entertainment, had been dropping everything from concept photos to teasers in preparation for the release of their new album ‘Going Seventeen’. So forget the Winter blues for a moment and lose yourself in this new, highly anticipated MV!

As is common with many K-Pop music videos, BOOM BOOM is a mixture of dancing and storyline. What we love about Seventeen’s choreography is that it’s dynamic right from the beginning, but it also gets more complex as the song continues. Seeing these handsome boys perform the same dance moves all in unison throughout the majority of the song really adds more impact.

The story is still a bit unclear to us, but from what we can tell the members are planning to take control of a boat so they can set sail and get to the girl they love. Every member has to play a part in pulling off the heist, but unfortunately it all goes wrong when Hoshi steps on the wrong tile, which causes all the alarms to sound and sets off the explosions.

From the jazzy, funky beat to the cool outfits, this comeback was well worth the wait. We can definitely say that our hearts were going ‘BOOM BOOM’ the whole time we were watching it!

Haven’t seen the MV yet? Watch it here!

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