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Phonebooth: ‘Home’ REVIEW

Did you check out the band Jannabi from our previous K-SPOTLIGHT post? Phonebooth are another indie rock band, and have released an uplifting song called ‘Home’ that we would highly recommend to our readers!

Phonebooth (폰부스) have been around for a long time, with their debut album being released way back in 2009. Many of their songs are extremely catchy, such as previous release, ‘Barcode’, from 2013. We recommend checking it out as an example of their earlier work. This song is no exception!

Phonebooth’s ‘Home’ is a melodic rock track that feels ideal for performing at concerts. The recurring sections of the song where everyone is singing together allows positive energy to radiate. The pre-chorus is a particular highlight, with the staccato short notes making for an effective buildup to the main part. An exciting guitar solo comes at the second half. We definitely recommend this song as one for the weekend!

The MV for ‘Home’ is a comedic love story, where a male busker one day wakes up with a box for a head. He is initially despondent, until he spots a girl with the same problem in the park! They try and investigate how to remove the boxes together without success. But once they embrace their situation, enjoy one anothers company and gradually fall for each other, it seems like they might be on the right track…watch Phonebooth’s MV to find out what happens!

(Featured image from Phonebooth’s official twitter account)

Featured image source: © 폰부스 CIVITAS FINAL, HOME. Phonebooth. 26.11.2016. Phonebooth official Twitter.

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