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November K-Drama OST Spotlight

Yup! November has set in and it’s time to shine some light on the k-drama tracks we’re loving the most so far this month. From well-known veterans to newbies who are making waves in the music industry, not to mention a few surprises that most were very pleased with. This month has gotten off to a very bright start and we’re so ready to see where it will continue to go!

Here are some of our favourites so far.

Kim Mingyu – Drawing Paper (Special Law of Romance OST)

A relatively new singer, some of you may know him from the show ‘I Can See your Voice’ Season 4. Sometimes you just know you are going to love a song from the very first few notes, this was one of those songs for us. Mingyu has set the bar for the ‘Special Law of Romance’ OST very high, it will be interesting to see if the rest of the songs in this drama can keep up.

Joon-Il Jung – IF (While You Were Sleeping OST)

Joon-il Jung is such a well-known artist in Korea, the fact that he even did a track for ‘While You Were Sleeping’ makes us so happy!!! This song is so emotional and his voice lends itself to fit perfectly with the drama.  While You Were Sleeping’s OST is legit bomb, we love every single track.

Sadly this drama has come to a close T^T However, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be listening to the soundtrack for many many more months to come…perhaps even restart the drama :3 hehe

Im Ji-Eun – Imagine (The Package OST)

Admittedly we don’t know much about Im Ji-Eun, but after this track, we will definitely be hunting for more information. Her voice is incredible and lends itself so perfectly to this drama. With relaxed vibes and pretty piano melodies ‘Imagine’ has to be one of our absolute favourites for November so far.

Melomance – Not Too Far Away (20th Century Boy&Girl OST)

Melomance has been quite the hot pick for drama songs of late…and to be honest, WE LOVE IT!! Excuse us while we express our love for a moment…SLAY MELOMANCE! SLAAAAY! WOOHOO!^^ For those of you who don’t know, Melomance is a duo consisting of vocalist Kim Min-Seok and pianist Jung Dong-Hwan and they are absolutely brilliant.

Park Jimin – Say I Love You (Meloholic OST)

Park Jimin, one half of the JYP duo 15&, brings her incredible vocals to the ‘Meloholic’ soundtrack. Some of you probably know her as one of the hosts of the popular show ASC (After School Club) but she is also an absolutely incredible vocalist. Jimin puts so much into this song, the emotion and the feeling are conveyed exceptionally well. This truly is an amazing song.

Imfact – Someday Coincidentally (Andante OST)

Being big IFs (Imfacts fandom name) we have to admit that we’re so proud that they had the opportunity to do this song for ‘Andante’. It’s Imfact’s first drama OST since debut and if this is what we can expect from them…we definitely want more!! Well done boys! The song is wonderful from start to finish, and as it builds they really get the opportunity to showcase their outstanding vocals.

Lee Su (M.C. The Max) – My Way (Money Flower OST)

One of the veteran singers on our list, any drama that is fortunate enough to have any of the members of M.C. The Max singing for its soundtrack should definitely count itself very lucky. Lee Su’s voice is amazing, the power and emotion he brings to this song are incredible. You definitely need to listen to this track, we promise you won’t regret it!

Tae-Sa-Bi-Ae – Please Don’t Love Us (Borg Mom OST)

Tae-sa-bi-ae is a duo consisting of Jiae & Biae, both of which have amazing and unique voices and both being previous members of the girl group ‘West’. Most people don’t know much about them, which is understandable seeing as the hight of their career was around the 2007-2008 mark. They are known for being a group that is easily accepted into peoples hearts. Perhaps because they were first introduced to the public through TV drama OSTs? Or maybe it’s because their voices are so beautiful and melty? Either way, we love them. Such a beautiful song!

Kim EZ – Buzz (Meloholic OST)

Our ears have been blessed! Kim EZ’s voice is so smooth and velvety that we just can’t get enough of this song! It has a very light and pretty feel, which is perfect to chill to. In case you didn’t know, Kim EZ is part of a duo called ‘Ggotjam Project’ along with Lim Geo-Jeong. Both very talented and both very underrated. Keep it up, you’re doing great guys!

Coda Bridge – Everyday Beside You (Lovers in Bloom OST)

Ah, this is the type of quintessential k-drama OST song that makes us fall in love with dramas all over again. We don’t really know anything about ‘Coda Bridge,’ but we do know we like what we hear. The long-running ‘Lover’s in Bloom’ has sadly come to a close, but fortunately, we will always have the amazing music to help us relive our favourite moments. Coda Bridge has definitely caught our attention and we will certainly be following them from now on!

Here are a couple more excellent tracks to check out!

What have been your favourite K-drama songs for November so far? Did we miss any of your favs? Which drama do you think has the best OST? Let us know, we would love to chat k-drama with you!!

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