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My New Sassy Girl (2016) – REVIEW

You’ve probably seen My Sassy Girl, a classic film released in 2001 and deemed the most popular Korean comedy of all time. Fifteen years later, the sequel is released! My New Sassy Girl is a South Korean-Chinese co-production, starring Cha Tae-hyun, the male protagonist in My Sassy Girl, and f(x)’s Victoria Song. The question that we’re asking ourselves is which one we like better!

The film is more fast paced than you’d expect right from the off. Gyun-woo bumps into his childhood sweetheart ‘Sassy’ by chance at the hospital. They re-connect immediately and before you know it, they’re getting married! They move into a new house, Gyun-woo gets a job because his wife secretly applied for him and he even gets to go on his first business trip overseas. Everything seems perfect but as always, it’s never plain sailing.

The drama all starts when Gyun-Woo finds out that being a member of ‘Team Oxford’ isn’t as prestigious as he once thought. Once told that Team Oxford was selected randomly by the company Chairman’s dog called Oxford, the team then disbands and he is forced to do menial tasks for the Executive Director. However, it only gets worse when his wife finds out the truth and makes a scene at the company party which Gyun-Woo is helping serve at. Their marriage is in turmoil and she quickly moves out, leaving Gyun-Woo all alone again.

Luckily, all hope is not lost. When Gyun-Woo tries to take down all the reminders that he has of his wife in their home, he realises her love for him and how she secretly spelled out ‘Wo Ai Ni’ within the apartment, a running joke within the film meaning ‘I love you’ in Chinese. With renewed purpose, Gyun-Woo goes on a quest through the mountains of China, trying to find her old, tiny hometown in hopes of finding her. Thankfully they both find each other, reconcile and at last have a happy ending!

Full of feel good moments but also times to pause for thought, this film is one of the films of the year for us. If you’ve seen My Sassy Girl, the sequel makes an interesting watch as you get to see how Gyun-Woo continues with his life without the girl. However, if you haven’t seen it not to worry! You’ll still enjoy this film a lot and perhaps it will encourage you to watch the original!

Watch the trailer below:

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