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Must-Watch Dramas This Spring

If you’re anything like us, you are beyond ready for spring. As much as we love winter drinks, cozy sweaters, and snow during the holiday season, once March and April roll around we’re dreaming more about cherry blossoms and less about sugar plum fairies. Spring in Korea is arguably one of the best times to see the country, with milder weather, tons of events, and the pink petals of the country’s iconic blossoms seemingly everywhere you look. To celebrate the season, we’ve carefully crafted a shortlist of our favorite dramas premiering and available this spring!


Hello My Twenties! Season 2 청춘시대2

©Age-of-Youth-2-Poster4, 18.04.2018, KoreanDrama


Genre: Dramedy, Romance, Mystery
Status: Completed
Where to Watch: Netflix


The ladies of The Belle Époque are back! Well, most of them. The second chapter of 2016’s smash hit picks up one year later with each girl battling the ghosts of last season. Jin-Myung (Han Ye-ri) is finally entering the professional world, Eun-jae (newcomer Ji-woo) is experiencing her first breakup, Ji-won (Park Eun-bin) is still hell-bent on losing her virginity, and Ye-eun (Han Seung-Yeon), paralyzed by PTSD, is dealing with the emotional scars of her abusive ex-boyfriend.

When Kang (Ryu Hwa-young) reveals she’ll be moving to Suwon for a “real” job, the girls must scramble to find a fifth resident, or yield the room to a friend of their elderly landlady. Desperate to find someone to fill the space or risk their social life come crashing to a halt, the girls choose hastily, settling on quiet but intimidating Jo Eun (Choi A-ra). Tall, short-haired, dressed in dark boy’s clothes-and with an attitude problem that would give Kang a run for her money-Jo Eun soon makes it clear the new arrangement will be anything but easy.

Though the loss of Ryu and Park Hye-soo is felt, Ji-woo makes the role of Eun-jae her own, and Choi brings a welcome contrast to group. Filled to the brim with secrets, vendettas, friendships and romance, Season 2 is all the sweet pastel pep of the first season, sprinkled with a colorful new cast and drizzled with daring topics. Trust us, you’ll want this second scoop.


The King Loves  왕은 사랑한다

© The King Loves Promotional Poster, 20.04.2018, IMDb


Genre: Historical, Dramedy
Status: Completed
Where to Watch: Viki


It’s been far too long since we’ve been given a new Segeuk. When we caught wind that Vicki would be taking cues from Netflix and producing their own this spring, we couldn’t have clicked faster. Based on Kim Yi-ryung’s novel of the same name and starring Im Si-wan (The Attorney, ZE: A), Hong Jong-hyun (Scarlet Heart Ryeo), and Yoona (Girl’s Generation), this historical drama is set during the gorgeous Goryeo dynasty and follows the lives of three young members of the royal family and the secrets within it.

Son of Chungnyeol (Jeong Bo-seok), King of Goryeo, and Wonseong ( Jang Young-nam) Empress of Yuan, Wang Won (Im Si-wan) is the first mixed Crown Prince of Gorye- and his father makes sure he knows it. Though mischievous, he is a kind-natured soul, insisting his cousin and assigned body guard, Wang Rin (Hong Jong-hyun), use informal speech with him and treat him as an equal. When the two come across Eun San, a beautiful, charismatic, tomboy with a sharp tongue (and impeccable Gyeokgoo skills), they are immediately taken with her. After a shameless flirting session, Wang Won quickly recognizes her as a young servant girl he and Wang Rin once consoled after an attack on the royal family. As circumstances continue to toss the three together, friendship and love bloom. However, as Wang Won becomes dangerously ambitious and Wang Rin becomes increasingly unable to hold back his feelings for Eun San, the bonds of friendship-and loyalty-are tested.

Segeuks are often plagued with the notion that they can be slow, with periods of time where the plot can seems to drag, but The King Loves never feels this way. The opening sequence pulls you in with clever writing and sweeping cinematic views of the royal palace and Korean countryside. Segeuks can have also experience difficulty pulling off the tricky combination of comedy and drama, but the dramatic segments, often woven in through flashbacks, are well-timed and paced. Yoona’s acting has improved greatly since her early drama appearances, and her chemistry with the charismatic Im is undeniable.  Filmed mostly outdoors in Buyeo county, this is an incredibly green drama. With its lush forests, mossy mountains, cozy caves, and iconic cherry blossoms floating through the air, The King Loves proves that Korea in spring may just be the most beautiful place on earth.


 Evergreen 그남자 오수

© That Man Oh-soo Promotional Poster, 18.04.2018, IMDb


Genre: Fantasy, Rom-Com
Status: Ongoing
Where to Watch: DramaFever


Oh-soo (Lee Jong hyun from CNBlue!) is a jack of all trades: talented engineer, café owner, barista, and…cupid? Like his family before him, Oh-soo has the ability to read people’s emotions. The family, chosen by a magical tree growing in the middle of their home, have been using their gift for generations as secret matchmakers. At the family business, a quaint coffee shop, the color of the aura of  the couples who come into the shop are read. Depending on their color, the barista chooses a pollen from the tree and places it in the couples’ drinks, giving the lovebirds a little push towards-or away-from each other. Though he seems to know everything there is to know about love, Oh-soo, cold and analytical, has no interest in pursuing it for himself.

When Oh-soo is sent to breakup with his playboy brother’s girlfriend on his behalf, Seo Yoo-ri (Kim So-eun), a local policewoman, overhears their conversation. Mistaking him for the rejected girl’s boyfriend, she pushes him “accidentally,” before huffing away. The two repeatedly run into each other, with Yoo-ri eventually ending up at the café. When his coffee-potion goes awry, bringing the polar opposite pair together, Oh-soo learns that his heart may not be so icy after all.

A classic tale of opposites attract with a dash of magic, this romance will have you under its spell after just one episode. The storyline is simple and carefree, making this a relatively easy watch, and the characters, particularly Oh Ga-na (Heo Jung-min), are delightful. The cozy café set, overflowing with lush greenery and cute knick-knacks adoring its wooden interior, looks like something straight out of a fairy tale-or an Instagram feed. Like a good cup of coffee, Evergreen is the perfect pick-me-up after a long winter.


Wok of Love 기름진 멜로

© Wok of Love Promotional Poster, 19.04.2018, tenasia


Genre: Food, Rom-Com
Status: Coming Soon (May 7th)
Where to Watch: Vicki


Calling all foodies! Yes, we’ve got another “Love” drama on our hands, but hear us out. One of the most buzzed about dramas coming this May, the producers have kept the lid sealed pretty tight on this one. However, we’re here to toss you all the juicy tidbits we’ve gathered!

Wok of Love stars Lee Joon-ho (Junho of 2PM!) as Seo Poong, a world-class chef who, after a series of unfortunate events, goes from running Korea’s top Chinese restaurant to working for a neighborhood wok joint on the brink of foreclosure. Jang Hyuk, of  Money Flower (2016), takes on the role of Doo Chil Sung (Jang Hyuk), owner of the restaurant and kind-hearted gangster known for being handy with a knife. Jung Reo-won of Witch at Court (2017) will play Dan Sae Woo, an upper class yet good-natured girl from a chaebol family. After trying a bowl of jajangmyun, she undergoes an epiphany, eventually leading her to the restaurant-and its staff. Cue the love triangle.

A heart-warming comedy about second chances, love, and food’s ability to bring anyone together, this drama just feels fresh. With a seasoned comedian, idol with previous acting chops,  and Suspicious Partner (2017) director, Park Sun-ho on board, Wok is a recipe for the next big sensation. Word of advice: Don’t watch this one hungry.



That’s it for our list of Must-Watch Spring dramas! Have you seen these yet? Think we missed something? Sound off in the comments! Not feeling these? No worries. We also make comprehensive lists of all dramas coming out each month! Check out our picks for April, here.



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