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Must Read Korean Webtoons!

As foreigner’s trying to learn Korean, we’ve found that it’s quite easy to overwork oneself – sometimes we get so caught up studying that we forget to sit back and let our brains have some rest!

But we’ve found a way that both relaxes us AND helps us see how much we’ve actually learnt – and that’s by reading webtoons! Webtoons are online comics or manhwa (만화) that have grown in popularity over the years.

But how does reading comics help with studying? Well…

  1. We find an interesting webtoon by a Korean author
  2. Check whether it’s been translated into English
  3. Read the English version (so we actually know what’s going on)
  4. Then go back and read the original Korean version to test how much we understand, as well as what we need to work on!

So to kickstart your webtoon-learning journey, we’re sharing with you some of our favourite Korean webtoon’s that have been translated into English!


Lookism (외모지상주의)

©Lookism, 31.03.2018,

Firstly we’re starting with an extremely popular webtoon; Lookism! Created by Park Tae-joon, former member of the K-Pop group Flower Boy Corporation, this webtoon follows a boy named Daniel who has been the subject of bullying for most of his life – but one day he miraculously wakes up in a different body, one that’s perfect in every way!

Throughout the webtoon we follow Daniel as he figures out the rules of his ‘new body’ and how he adapts to having people like him for once. We also get introduced to many other characters along the way, many of whom are inspired by real life Korean celebrities such as G-Dragon, Jay Park, Bill Stax, Beenzino and SHINee’s Key!

Overall Lookism is a fantastic webtoon that draws you in from the very first page, and it’s still on-going – so the story isn’t over yet!

[Translated English VersionOriginal Korean Version]


Transparent Cohabitation (투명한 동거)

©Transparent Cohabitation, 07.03.2018,

Next up is Transparent Cohabitation by Jeong So, a webtoon that has a very dear place in our hearts. Also known as My Boo, this story follows Yuri So, a girl who can see spirits, and Jun Ko, the ghost that lives with her.

Although Yuri So tries to ignore every ghost she sees, she can’t help but befriend Jun Ko – but having a ghost as a roommate is no smooth ride, and more than a few problems arise which present difficulties for the two.

We knew as soon as we began reading this webtoon that it wouldn’t be a funny, light-hearted story, but, we assure you, reading this webtoon is well worth having your heart break a little!

[Translated English VersionOriginal Korean Version]


The Sound of Your Heart (마음의 소리)

©마음의 소리, 31.03.2018, animaxtv.ko

However if you’d much rather read a simple comedic webtoon filled with sarcasm, absurd situations and guaranteed ‘laugh out loud’ stories, then The Sound of Your Heart is the way to go!

First published in 2006, this webtoon was created by Jo Seok and is mostly based around his life with his brother Jo Joon and his partner Ae-Bong. Filled with both relatable stories AND insane situations, The Sound of Your Heart is fun, easy to read and has hundreds of episodes to choose from!

Then in 2016, this webtoon was made into a drama with Lee Kwang-Soo and Jung So-Min – so once you finish reading some of the comic, you can have a go at watching the drama without subtitles to see how much spoken Korean you can understand.

[Translated English VersionOriginal Korean Version]


Moon You (문유)

©문유, 31.03.2018,

Lastly we’re ending on another one of Jo Seok’s works that he began this year. Although it’s only got a few episodes so far, we’re already hooked on Moon You – which follows a man who is left stranded in a government colony on the moon!

From his spot on the moon, a young man, who never wanted to be there in the first place, watches as a meteor strikes planet Earth…making him the only human left. Despite how bleak things may seem, Moon You is full of surprises and we’re always eagerly anticipating the next episode.

[Translated English VersionOriginal Korean Version]


 What’s your favourite webtoon? Let us know in the comments!


Feature Image Source: ©타이틀_외모1, 29.03.2018, cn.ydonline.ko

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