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Music Release Roundup (Late Nov)

We have some more music to let you know about, so it’s time for another Music Release Roundup! Read on for news on BTOB, Hyolyn, Sejeong and Bolbbalgan4 in this edition.




BTOB’s new mini album ‘New Men’ contains 7 tracks. ‘I’ll be your man’ is the title song, a mix between a power ballad and dance track. The accompanying MV portrays what looks to be a simple story, but an unexpected twist occurs at the end with the female protagonist. ‘Drunk’ adopts a slower tempo, a ballad song with plenty of falsetto and permeated with rap segments. ‘Yes I am’ is an upbeat ballad, which works much more effectively and cohesively. ‘To me’ is very creative, using elements including fast runs of notes and even whistling to keep the song fresh. This is our pick of the album. ‘Come over’ feels like a fun song in amongst the ballads, with ‘I love you forever’ being the last track.




Hyolyn of SISTAR has been very active of late, with a solo collaboration with Far East Movement (reviewed here) and a group collaboration with Giorgio Moroder. She also put out more solo music with the album ‘It’s Me’. Three of six songs have MVs (‘Paradise’, ‘Love Like This’, and ‘One Step’) and she continues to work with other artists on several of the songs on this R&B album.

‘Paradise’ feels a little similar to a HyunA track in parts (even in the style of the MV), with a slightly grating brass instrumental repeating throughout. ‘Love Like This’ features rapper Dok2, and fits Hyolyn’s sound much better. The rap sections by Dok2 are actually quite short which feels like the right decision for the song. The MV for ‘Love Like This’ is entirely in black and white. ‘One Step’ features Jay Park, and his vocals blend very well with Hyolyn’s. In the MV, Hyolyn tries to portray a cute image in different shots.

Track 4 is ‘Go away’ which is our favourite from this album! This track definitely fits Hyolyn very well, full of soul and sass. ‘Slow’ features Jooheon of Monsta X and much more chilled. ‘Dope’ is an eclectic dance song that finishes the album. The drop feels a little unexpected but it does show that Hyolyn isn’t afraid to change things up and experiment a little, which can only be a good thing.




Sejeong rose to popularity through Produce 101 from humble beginnings. Her hard work ethic, modesty, talent, optimism and support of fellow rookie Sohye led her to the top of the rankings early in the show. She was eventually pipped at the post by Somi of JYP, but made it into the group I.O.I and also debuted as part of gugudan with Jellyfish Entertainment. Now, Sejeong has a solo release called ‘Flower Road’ which allows her to shine on her own. Zico was challenged to produce the track on a show called ‘Talents for Sale’. The song was inspired by the content of a letter Sejeong had written to her mother, thanking her for the trust she placed, which in turn allowed Sejeong to reach her dream of becoming a singer. The relationship between Sejeong and her mother is especially close, as during the majority of her childhood, she was raised solely by her mother. This feeling is also reflected in the MV, and in the lyrics of the heartfelt song that was released.

Because all we have remaining is happiness,

Let everything go and take this hand,

I’ll make sure that you only walk on the flower road.

(Translation credit to Yubseyo)

Sejeong achieved a win on a music show with ‘Flower Road’, so be sure to support her and check it out!


Bolbbalgan4 (볼빨간사춘기)


This duo of musicians started from competition Superstar K6. Originally a four member band (explaining their name), two members Ji-Young and Ji-Yoon have created a full length album called ‘Red Planet’. The track list contains 11 songs, the last being a radio edit of title track ‘Galaxy’. This album is our hidden gem of the week! ‘When I fell in love’ shines so brightly with the vocals, and ‘X Song’ has a simple wistful sentiment but is beautifully delivered. ‘Hard to love’ has a piano accompaniment that complements the song well, with a simple MV of the song being performed with a suitable aesthetic of light and shade.


We definitely recommend that you check out Bolbbalgan4 as our overall pick in this edition of the roundup!


Featured image source: © Red Planet. Bolbbalgan4. 04.12.2016. Amazon website.

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