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Music Release Roundup – February 2018

Another month came and went in a flash! We present our Music Release Roundup for February 2018 with our music picks for our IMK readers! K-pop and¬†K-indie releases, we’ve listened to them all! Check out our list to discover something new ūüôā

In this edition we are featuring music from: Planetarium, Dynamic Duo feat. Suran, Henry, HOA, NCT U, 14U, Midnight lamp feat. Park Ji Young, Ferry and Kate Kim, Martin Smith feat. Jung Sungha, GRACE feat. Son Areum and Chun Youngjun Trio, and CLC!

BoA’s One shot, two shot (one of the best songs from her new album) and Roy Kim’s¬†Only Then¬†narrowly missed making our list, but if you are looking for even more¬†music to listen to, why not start there? Click on the song titles to be redirected to the official MVs.


Planetarium case #2 – Blind

Artists from Planetarium Records (including Villain whom we spotted and interviewed last year!) have been working together on a number of songs lately.¬†The¬†latest song in this series is¬†titled Blind. It’s one of our top choices for February! If you enjoy R&B and hiphop music, this one is for you! Blind features very strong vocals and has the balance of tempo nailed down to a fine art. The best Planetarium project to-date. Highly recommended.


Ferry and Kate Kim – So Long, Baby (Korean version)

This song was our new discovery of the month. A future bass song which is well made! Kate Kim confidently delivers the lyrics, peppering the song with that velvety voice of hers. Take a listen to this one!


Henry – Monster (English version)

Henry had a solo release this month and we thought the English version of Monster was good enough to make it onto our list! It’s a slower song, but we liked the feel and sound of the verses in particular.


Dynamic Duo (feat. Suran) –ŽīČž†úžĄ†

Dynamic Duo came back with a collaboration ballad featuring Suran! We hadn’t enjoyed Suran’s songs as much lately, but we are happy to say that we think this song is a better effort. There is enough contrast between the male and female voices to keep this ballad interesting. As it is Dynamic Duo, you always expect rapping. There is a rap section included, but luckily it doesn’t feel ‘added on’.


HOA – Giu

We’d never heard of the band HOA before, but were pleasantly surprised by the sound of this song. It has an old-school lo-fi feel about it. We¬†found this little¬†melodic rock track very refreshing! We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye out for this band’s releases in future!


NCT U – Baby Don’t Stop

Ten and Tayeong deliver this punchy track titled ‘Baby Don’t Stop’.¬†So many¬†different ideas are incorporated into the song, but it’s the repeating electronic line gets into your head in an instant. From raps to whispers, moving from minor to major keys, as a listener you discover different things about it from every listen. On top of that, you can enjoy the choreography in the MV!


Martin Smith (feat. Jung Sungha) – Crazy

‘Crazy’ is a soothing acoustic led pop song. It’s nothing new, but it’s charm lies in the simple melody. The MV is like a short movie so you can enjoy watching a little drama unfold.


Midnight Lamp (feat. Park Ji Young) РHow to love

Perhaps it is down to the cold weather, but we noticed that there were many ballads released during February! We chose this one as our conventional ballad recommendation. Just piano and vocals are enough. You can picture this song being featured in a romantic drama for sure!


14U – Don’t be pretty

Our boy group choice for this month is 14U with their song ‘Don’t be pretty’. The beginning reminded us of a GFriend intro (in a good way), and¬†the song is bright and energetic throughout.


GRACE (feat. Son Areum with the Chun Yongjun Trio) – Sigh

Something a bit different with ‘Sigh’ by GRACE.¬†We were transported to a jazz club¬†listening to this track.¬†Stylish and classy,¬†GRACE’s voice¬†has¬†an air of melancholy¬†yet stays warm¬†against the soft drum beats. We also loved the piano solo and listening to the double bass in the background. Highly recommended!


CLC – Black dress

CLC made a better comeback with this track and a more mature (Hyuna-esque) sound. There are good things to say about Black dress, and it seems like a step forward for the group. The choreography stands out, the raps are fierce, the melody is good and the chorus increases the danceability of the whole song. They do opt for black suits rather than dresses in the MV though!


Last but not least, a bonus for those of you who reached the end of the list! An artist called Masterclass released a song called Your Lies (feat. Elaine). An English track with slow burning attitude. A great listen and find this month! That brings us to the end once again, join us next month for more music!


Featured image source © Planetarium records. Planetarium case 2. 07.02.2018. Alphadict official Instagram.

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