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Music Release Roundup (Early Nov) – K-SPOTLIGHT

Lots of new music to let you know about in November, so we have put together another list in November’s first Music Release Roundup! This edition will feature EXO-CBXBerry Good, Jeon Jiyoon, Taeyeon, Mamamoo, and B.A.P. Read on and let us know what you think of these releases!


Subunit comprising members Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin feature on mini album ‘Hey Mama!’ ‘The One’ is an eclectic song, with moments of dialogue in the track. The title song shares the same name as the album, and is a cool and slick affair. Upbeat and funky, this track has a nod to the 70’s era that will get you dancing. Watch the official MV to see the bright and fun choreography. ‘Rhythm After Summer’ continues the ‘feel good factor’ with an introduction that sounds like a retro game theme, groovy riffs from electric guitars, and a catchy chorus. This is our pick from the album! ‘Juliet’ is a love song to a girl of that name, and finally ‘Cherish’ ends on a positive note to round things off.



Berry Good

Girl group, Berry Good, have released an EP titled ‘Glory’. ‘Don’t believe’ begins as if were a ballad, but surprisingly turns into a dance track. ‘1 to 10’ lets the members vocals come to the fore, ‘Falling in Love’ is a sweet and melodious song, and ‘Sugar, Sugar’ has a retro feel, with interesting saxophone instrumentals. We recommend ‘Sugar, Sugar’ as a song to listen to!



Jeon Jiyoon

The former member of 4minute branches out on her own with a solo effort. Her track ‘I do’ lets her vocals shine (her vocals being something that listeners might not associate her with, due to being allocated rapper status in previous music), and is an easy listening sort of track. It is different sound from 4minute’s last few releases. Her other available song is ‘Magnet’, which is more of an R&B sound. MVs have been recorded for both tracks, so check them out!




Taeyeon is back with ‘11:11’, an acoustic digital single. Taeyeon’s versatility continues to impress with this soothing and mellow tune, perfect for the autumn season. The song is about loving someone who doesn’t love you back, and getting over that. A simple, subdued MV with a wistful tone is available to watch.




The girls are back with their ‘Memory’ album. Keeping to similar packaging as their previous ‘Melting’ album, the box comes in a dark brown colour with logo imprinted on the front. You may recognise many of these songs being released previously (such as ‘New York’ reviewed here), however the upside is that you can now own these songs on one CD. ‘Décalcomanie’ is being promoted on music shows at the moment, with Mamamoo branching out into more complex choreographed routines. Mamamoo are known for their adlibs in live performances, which keeps things fresh and is a good match for their bubbly personalities. ‘Draw, draw, draw’ is a lovely surprise, reminiscent of those slow, jazzy, Christmas songs featured in movies played over the Winter season. Overall, this album is more pop-sounding than their previous efforts, but makes for a solid listen nonetheless.




B.A.P are back with a darker sound, a cohesive album quite rightly titled ‘Noir’. There are 11 tracks in total. ‘Ribbon in the Sky’ flips between vocals and aggressive rap, with some falsetto slotted in here and there. ‘Killer’ breaks up the album with an electro-funk sound, rap sections still feature here which are a little out-of-place, but there aren’t too many to detract too much from the overall smoother feel of the track. This leads nicely to ‘Fermata’, which has a slower pace, featuring a piano accompaniment. The intensity builds with ‘Pray’, which opens with a chorus chanting. The subject matter is based on suicide, which makes the lyrics particularly emotional. This a must-listen from this album. ‘I Guess I Need U’, ‘Chiquita’, ‘Walking’ , ‘Now’ and ‘Kingdom’ comprise the remainder, so there are lots to check out. The title song ‘Skydive’ has an epic movie-like music video lasting around 10 minutes! B.A.P does well with the harder, rock influences in the song, and it is a very entertaining watch as one of the group tries to work out who is the traitor in a mafia-style setting. We definitely recommend watching ‘Skydive’ this week!


Watch it below (warning: there are several violent scenes that some may find distressing) and let us know if you enjoy it as much as we do!



Our overall pick for this roundup is B.A.P’s ‘Skydive’ due to the impressive MV which complements the song very well.


Featured image source: © B.A.P-Noir. Damchu. 13.11.2016. Aminoapps.

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