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Music Release Roundup – December 2017

The end of the year was wrapped up with some stand-out releases during December 2017, and as usual we’ve put the best of them into a convenient list for easy-listening! See if you can spot your favourite or discover something new to add onto your playlist. Why not also listen to something by our K-SPOTLIGHT recommendation, Jade this month? She writes lovely acoustic music.

A few songs that didn’t quite make it onto our December 2017 list but are still worth a listen: ‘Universe’ by EXO, ‘Happy Ending’ by DJ DOC (feat. U Sung Eun), ‘About my only love’ by DK X Kang Min Jeong, and ‘Home’ by Goodnight Stand.

This edition of the music release roundup will feature music from: Dear Cloud, SM STATION, Taeyeon, Um Jung Hwa, Car the garden (feat. OH HYUK), B.A.P, HyunA, LOONA’s next member – Chuu, Leesun (feat. eastmerlin), Noh Jihoon, TWICE, Microdot (feat. Donell Lewis) and a bonus song at the end by Lee Jinah.

Sadly, the end of 2017 marked the passing of the talented Kim Jonghyun. Our thoughts are with his immediate family and friends at this difficult time, and to everyone who loved Jonghyun and his music. We hope that he is at peace now. If any of our readers feel that they need support or someone to talk to, you can access some helpful contact numbers here (UK/ROI) and some specialised helplines here (USA).

We shall begin with a few songs in recognition of him and his good works.

Dear Cloud – Beside You

We had listened to ‘Beside You’ and marvelled at its beauty before realising that Jonghyun had been particularly touched by the lyrics himself. This song feels very heartfelt and sincere so we decided to add it onto this list.

SM Station (SMTOWN) – Dear My Family

The year’s end brings with it a song which features several artists from SM Entertainment. This reminder of the senior and rookie artists standing and singing together struck a chord with the sentiment of the winter season. We hope that they are all a source of support to each other in the months to come.

Taeyeon – This Christmas

Taeyeon quietly released a Christmas song during December, and it was a great one at that. We enjoyed ‘This Christmas’, another quality song from Taeyeon. She’s become such a consummate professional at slow tracks like this one. We thought that this was the best Christmas song of the lot.

Uhm Jung Hwa – She

Uhm Jung Hwa released a few songs in December 2017, but we picked ‘She’ for this list. A slow song for winter, the MV takes a behind-the scenes look at shoots for her other music videos.

Car, the garden (feat. OH HYUK) – Island

This golden collaboration between Car, the garden (a previous K-SPOTLIGHT recommendation of ours) and Oh Hyuk, the frontman and lead singer of rock band Hyukoh, was something of a pleasant surprise. Two distinct but complementary voices are at work here resulting in a very interesting song with a indie rock chorus. It’s a slow burner at the beginning but it gets better every second! The hidden gem of the month.

B.A.P – Hands Up

B.A.P decided to keep the energy high for December 2017 with ‘Hands Up’. While most were making comebacks with ballads, B.A.P stood out with this high energy crowd-pleaser.

HyunA – Lip and Hip

HyunA released ‘Lip and Hip’, a catchy and self-aware piece of work which has HyunA’s signature style stamped all over it. Aside from the contrasting bridge sections (a surprising twist), which change things up a bit, this song sounds like it could have been plucked from an earlier HyunA album. The repetition really gets into your head and you’ll be singing along in no time! An enjoyable release from HyunA as she has fun with the song and her image.

Chuu (LOONA) – Heart Attack

More members of LOONA are being introduced to the world, with the next one being Chuu. ‘Heart Attack’ is a fun and quirky song with a high quality MV to match. We enjoyed all the interesting transitions a lot! LOONA are definitely gearing up for the main stage. We think they will do well.

Leesun (feat. eastmerlin) – I Love YA

We’ve recently spotted Leesun, she’s got a light vocal which lends itself well to rhythmical songs like this one which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Perhaps one to watch in 2018.

Noh Jihoon – No Worries

This former Cube Entertainment singer, released ‘No Worries’ which takes a leaf out of the book of Canadian artist The Weeknd. This R&B track is a solid release.

TWICE – Heart Shaker

There is no stopping TWICE in 2017! They continuously appeared on shows and put out music, ensuring that people didn’t forget them. ‘Heart Shaker’ is a step away from eclectic to melodic K-pop which we think was a good move for the group. The song doesn’t have as many divisive and singular parts compared to some of their earlier tracks of the year, which makes ‘Heart Shaker’ much more appealing to the masses. It did well on the charts too as TWICE continue to ride a crest of popularity.

Microdot featuring Donell Lewis – Pinnerdown

‘Pinnerdown’ is one of the few rap tracks that impressed us during 2017. The strong beat and some nice wordplay helped make it onto our December 2017 list. A nice change up for our music release roundup which we hope K-hiphop fans will like.

As usual, one last bonus song to thank our loyal readers who always make it to the end of our lists. We appreciate you! We loved this rendition of 오늘을 찾아요 by Lee Jinah. It’s a simple yet beautiful song when played live which we wanted to share. We actually prefer this to the original!

Thanks for sticking with us for the whole of 2017; you’ve now reached the end of our December 2017 music release roundup and we hope you will join us again next month. Do let us know if you like our recommendations or if you have any suggestions of artists and songs that you’ve discovered! Happy new year to our readers 🙂

Featured image source: © Dear Cloud. 14.11.2017. ‘My dear, my lover’ album cover. Dear Cloud Official Facebook site.

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