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Have you heard of new group K.A.R.D? They are DSP’s new co-ed group, which is somewhat of a rarity in Kpop! There is a lot of excitement surrounding their debut, and a variety of content to check out, which we will highlight in this article!

K.A.R.D are a mixed group with male and female members. The final lineup has not yet been revealed, and DSP are keeping things under wraps for the moment! However, currently there are two female members (Somin and Jiwoo) and two male members (B.M and J.Seph). B.M is the ‘King’, J.Seph is the ‘Ace’, with Somin being the ‘Black Joker’ and Jiwoo being the ‘Colour Joker’. They are also using a ‘hidden card’ feature, so a fifth member will join them for a number of releases. For their first single, ‘Oh NaNa’, Youngji of KARA had a small part in the song. This is an interesting strategy that allows greater exposure for the group.

The male members appear to have adopted the rapping duties, and the female members cover the vocals. It would be more interesting if there was a mixture of female and male rappers, but we will have to see whether that comes to fruition in the future! We are excited to see who will feature as other hidden members too-it could be a dancer, singer, rapper or even a DJ!

It helps that there is a video that explains the concept to everyone 🙂 (Excuse the overuse of the word ‘swag’. The culprit seems to be B.M in particular!)

Upon first appearances, the members have good camaderie and are natural in front of the camera, which are traits that often capture new fans these days. There is at least one English speaking member (B.M a.k.a. Matthew). It helps that they are goofy sometimes too!

Source:© [K.A.R.D] 매일 날 위해 노랠 불러줘요~ Oh NaNaNa. DSP Media. 23.12.2016. K.A.R.D V Live app channel.

Their debut single ‘Oh NaNa’ is of house genre, with touches of reggae. It’s seriously catchy and danceable. In no time, you’ll be at least singing along to the ‘oh na na na’ part of the chorus! There is an MV to go with the song; watch it below. The lighting feels a little too dark in places, but you get the feeling that DSP want to create a mysterious and edgy feeling for the group.

There is a variety of online content for you to check out! Watch the members having fun at a live performance showcase, hanging out together in a waiting room, tackling the mannequin challenge, and also catch their official choreography video.

You can see that they are great dancers and the choreography is very current and in keeping with a cool image. The hidden featurings help to maintain a level of anticipation for their new singles and albums. We will be keeping an eye on K.A.R.D to see what they come up with next!

What do you think of co-ed groups? Are you a fan of K.A.R.D already? Comment and let us know!

Featured image source: © K.A.R.D feat Youngji-Oh NaNa. DSP Media. 23.12.2016. K.A.R.D official Instagram



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