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Time for a music artist recommendation! This week, our pick is DΞΔN (DEAN), who is fast becoming one of our favourite artists. Having been involved in songwriting and producing, DΞΔN knows how to craft amazing songs, about the importance of collaborations and experimenting with his music.

He made the decision to become a singer fairly recently after having composed music for other groups for a number of years.  Now rising in popularity, he has already featured in songs by other artists in addition to collaborating for many of his own tracks too (Taeyeon, Heize, Dok2, Zico and Crush to name a few).  He has developed his own signature smooth R&B style that incorporates clever melodies, lyrics and storytelling. His 7 track EP (called 130 Mood:TRBL) is an often overlooked gem that contains no bad songs whatsoever (in our humble opinion!). We think that this is mostly due to DΞΔN’s passion and interest for music, his unique ability to craft songs that follow a narrative, and his inspiration from actor and icon James Dean. The first track is called  ‘And You? (outro)’ which starts with the police shouting and knocking on the door and finishes with the sound of a rewinding tape, a perfect idea to take the listener back to the beginning of the story, with the tracks meant to be listened to in order for greatest effect. ‘What2do’ is a slower paced track, but loses no intensity, and works well and cohesively with the rest of the songs. Touches of funk come into play on ’21’, and the retro leanings are very much on trend in the current music scene. Follow the ups and downs of an intriguing love story, communicated with heaps of style throughout 130 Mood: TRBL.

He is also a great live performer, and his cover of ‘Ordinary People’ (originally sung by John Legend) is a gem to listen to. It was featured on Yoo-Hee Yeol’s ‘Sketchbook’ if you want to hear it for yourselves! We highly recommend listening to DΞΔN, he’s establishing himself very well in South Korea and has even travelled to perform in some other countries now!

Featured image source: ©DEAN. Officialdean. 21.09.2016. Official DEAN website.

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