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January K-Pop Idol Birthdays!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that this year will bring you all of the happiness and success that you wish for.

Since we’re still in the celebratory mood, we’ve compiled a list of some of the upcoming birthdays in January of the biggest stars in the K-Pop industry. Make a note if your bias is celebrating their birthday!


1st January – Super Junior’s Sungmin

Having recently finished his compulsory military service, Sungmin is back home just in time to celebrate his 31st birthday! Hopefully this means we’ll be able to see more activity from this year.



3rd January– Blackpink’s Jisoo and AOA’s Seolhyun

Born on the same day, month and year, these two are practically like twins! The girls are turning 22 and we know that the members of their groups will make their day extra special.


6th January – GOT7’s JB

This Friday the leader of 7-member group GOT7 is turning 23! Knowing the mischievous nature of this boy group, we’re sure that his fellow members have got something planned for him.


8th January – AOA’s Jimin

Jimin has been able to enjoy a lot of success in the last few years, from being a semi-finalist in Unpretty Rapstar in 2015 to releasing hit song Call you Bae with EXO’s Xiumin in 2016. With any luck she’ll do even more amazing things this year too!


12th January – EXO’s D.O

Who would’ve thought that the squishy vocalist D.O would be turning 24 already! Hopefully he’ll be able to get some well-earned rest today and have fun with his members.


14th January – EXO’s Kai

Popular idol group EXO are celebrating not one, but two birthdays in the same week! This time it’s second youngest member Kai’s birthday and he’s turning 23. Maybe Kai and D.O will have a joint birthday celebration?


16th January – Blackpink’s Jennie

New girl group Blackpink also has two birthdays this month! The rapper and vocalist will be turning 21 this month, and we wish her every success this year.


17th January – SF9’s Chani

Maknae of rookie group SF9 is turning just 17 this year! We hope that his members treat him extra special on this day and cook him his favourite foods.


24th January – B.A.P’s Youngjae

Lead vocalist of B.A.P is turning 23 on this day! B.A.P has done so much last year, including a Europe tour, and we hope that they’ll be to do even more in the months to come!

Those are all the birthdays for this month! Are you lucky enough to share your birthday with one of these idols?

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