K-Idol Birthdays: October!

October isn’t just the month of Halloween, it’s also filled to the brim with heaps of celebrity birthdays! Read on to see who’s aged up this month~!

October 3 – Yoon Eun Hye (Coffee Prince)

©yoon-eun-hye, 26.09.2017,

©yoon-eun-hye, 26.09.2017,

First up is our favourite Coffee Prince star Yoon Eun Hye who turned 33 this year! After promoting in China or two years the actress is said to be preparing for her comeback in Korean acting.

October 4 – Seventeen’s Jeonghan

©yoon jeonghan, 26.09.2017,

©yoon jeonghan, 26.09.2017,

Turning 22 this month is Seventeen’s ‘Angel’ Jeonghan – who calls himself ‘Angel’ because his birthday is on October 4th or ‘1004’, and ‘1004’ in Korean is 천사 (Cheonsa) which also translates to ‘Angel’ – it’s definitely a nickname made in heaven! 

October 7 – EXO’s Lay

©EXO-Lay, 26.09.2017,

©EXO-Lay, 26.09.2017,

After dropping a new music video for his pre-released track ‘I NEED U‘ – which is based on his own grandparents love story – Lay turns 26! Although we miss seeing him promote with EXO, we eagerly anticipate Lay’s new album and performances.

October 13 – BTS’s Jimin

©7-ly-l-jm, 26.09.2017,

©7-ly-l-jm, 26.09.2017,

Also turning 22 this October is BTS’s ‘Mochi’ Jimin, who is hopefully getting some much needed rest with his members after the group’s brilliant comeback in September.

October 24 – f(x)’s Krystal

©fx-krystal-2, 26.09.2017,

©fx-krystal-2, 26.09.2017,

After news of her breakup with EXO’s Kai we sadly haven’t seen much of Krystal (or f(x) for that matter) but that doesn’t stop the stunning singer from turning 23 this month!

October 31 – ToppDogg’s Hojoon

©hojoon, 26.09.2017, www.

©hojoon, 26.09.2017,

Lastly, at the very end of October, is ToppDogg’s Hojoon who will be turning 25. According to certain reports, Hojoon and the other members of ToppDogg (besides A-Tom, who will be promoting with JBJ) appeared on ‘The Unit‘, a show that gives debuted idols a second chance, in order to showcase their skills and obvious talent for music.

It is too common for companies nowadays to focus on promoting new groups and neglect the older ones, but we eagerly anticipate ToppDogg’s performance on ‘The Unit‘ -which is set to air on the 28th of October!

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Feature Image Source: ©jeonghan, 26.09.2017,

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