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Vixx Fantasy – K-MUSIC REVIEW

Summer is the best season for new Korean music releases, with multiple groups making their comeback every week! This week we will be reviewing VIXX’s Fantasy, the song used to promote their sixth single album Hades.

The soft piano solo at the beginning of the song instantly got our attention. The melody then builds up slowly throughout the first verse, with more instruments added as it gets to the pre-chorus until the strong beat dominates in the chorus. This style of music reflects the tone of the song, and the way in which the members are feeling as they sing the lyrics, which appear to be about a break up that the members don’t want to accept.

In our opinion, VIXX’s choreography is what makes the group unique. The dance for a certain song usually adds a visual dimension to its meaning and in Fantasy this is no exception. The powerful dance moves showing the emotional pain each member is in as well as the way they are dancing in unison for most of the song adds to the already strong and intense mood of both the track and the music video.

Visually, the music video is very bold with main colours black and white starkly contrasting each other to create a powerful effect. Chained Up also prominently featured these two colours, providing a connection between the different parts of the VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION trilogy. The smoke effect was definitely a key element in this video, as it gave the impression to us viewers that the members are hallucinating or ‘fantasizing’, as the title suggests.

From well executed choreography to moving lyrics and a striking video, Fantasy is the perfect package and we definitely think their comeback stood out from the crowd.

New to VIXX? Watch Fantasy here!

Featured Image Source: © Jellyfish Entertainment, Hades, 16.08.16,

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