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SM Station All Mine – K-MUSIC REVIEW

Last week the song All Mine which starred the lovely ladies of f(x) was released as part of SM Station. This project was launched by SM Entertainment in February this year, with the idea of releasing a new single each week. From solos by SM artists such as Taeyeon’s Rain to collaborations with non-SM artists like Lil’ Something which featured Chen and Heize, the concept of showcasing musical talents is a great success so far and we can’t wait to hear the upcoming singles!

The video for ‘All Mine’ has been shot very simply, with each of the four members holding a video camera out in front of them and walking around the venue for the SMTOWN LIVE Tour V in Japan concert. In order to emphasise the mood of the song, a colour filter was used to give the video a more vibrant and summery feel.

Supporting the song is a modern EDM track, a style that has been used by many SM artists this year. We think that it works well with the video and lyrics, provides a good beat and definitely makes the song catchy!

As for the lyrics, it is clear that the girls are singing about a summer love. This theme emphasises the young and free spirited nature of the members as well as of women their age.

We love how much the f(x) members are enjoying themselves in the music video and we hope you’ll like this summer hit too!

Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it here!

Featured Image Source: ©SM Entertainment, All Mine, 31.07.16,

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