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I.O.I Very Very Very – K-MUSIC REVIEW

With autumn officially upon us, the cold weather can easily make you feel blue but don’t worry! I.O.I’s comeback track and MV ‘Very Very Very’ is perfect for keeping spirits up!

Earlier this year, the 11 member girl group was formed through the reality show Produce 101. As the title suggests, the public ‘created’ their own K-Pop group. The favourite members from a pool of 101 trainees from various entertainment companies received votes. The new girl group only performs together for less than a year, with the purpose of giving each of the girls exposure and experience as an idol. Unfortunately, it is likely I.O.I will disband in January 2017 which makes this their last comeback together as a unit.

What we love about I.O.I MV’s is how cute and colourful they are, and ‘Very Very Very’ is no exception! The use of primary colours in both the set design and outfits are effective in creating a cheery mood.

However, the meaning of the song is actually not so happy. The girls are singing about how they must be careful with their hearts and to not trust a man and his words so easily. This is a different message from what most songs about love try to portray, but we think it shows maturity and that the girls are ready for the new challenges they will face in future.

We’re sad to see a talented group disband in a few months’ time. Luckily, this isn’t the last we’ll see of the I.O.I members! We can’t wait to see what each member gets up to and hopefully we’ll hear more from all of them soon!

Watch the music video for ‘Very Very Very’ here!

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