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Got7 Hard Carry – K-MUSIC REVIEW

As the amber leaves fall from the trees, it’s safe to say that summer is over. But don’t worry! Many popular idol groups such as SHINee, TWICE and Monsta X are set to have their comeback this autumn. We’ll be reviewing GOT7’s fiery comeback track ‘Hard Carry’ this week, the second part of their ‘Flight Log’ series!

The song is catchy right from the beginning, with an EDM style instrumental blaring all the way through which we find reminiscent of songs like BTS’ ‘Fire’. It’s definitely a new sound for the 7-member JYP boy group, but one which really suits them.

The fact that the song starts with the plosive, repetitive chorus makes it all the more powerful and by the end you’ll be singing along to the lyrics. While their first comeback song in the ‘Flight Log’ series ‘Fly’ was more of a ballad, ‘Hard Carry’ is lively and dynamic. There are also some references to ‘Fly’ in the pre-chorus, which ties the two together nicely.

Upbeat and invigorating, the choreography mirrors the nature of the song. We love how a lot of the dance is done by all the members together in unison, which gives the whole MV much more impact.

From flames to abstract set designs, GOT7 have really made their comeback in style. We think it’s the perfect workout track to get you motivated!

Haven’t seen the MV yet? Watch it here!

Featured Image Source: ©JYP Entertainment, Flight Log: Turbulence, 29.09.16,

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