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Exo Monster – K-MUSIC REVIEW

Although summer has only just begun, a lot of big groups have released some fantastic comeback albums and title tracks, such as Monsta X with All In and EXID with L.I.E. But the comeback we were most excited for was EXO’s and their third studio album EX’ACT.

For the first time since their debut they had two title tracks: ‘Lucky One’ and ‘Monster’, each having their own music video in both Korean and Chinese. This week’s review will be about Monster: our favourite!

The techno hook along with the complex group choreography at the beginning of the MV caught our attention immediately. Unlike Lucky One, this title track has heavy bass influence which gives off an aggressive and dark feel, which is fitting with the song’s theme and also reminiscent of their previous eras such as MAMA and Wolf.

Although it is not initially clear what is happening in the music video, our interpretation is that they are singing about an obsessive love that they were forced to suppress and now they want to break free. The pace and rhythm of the song changes often enough to make the melody catchy yet not monotonous and its upbeat nature adds to its general appeal.

We also noticed links to EXO’s repackage album title track Love me Right. For example, the bright purple fog in the dance portion of the Monster resembles the concoction Chen and Xiumin were making in Love Me Right. Maybe that smoke is what made them act rebellious? In any case, we thoroughly enjoyed EXO’s comeback and anticipate future releases!


Watch it here:

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Natalie Mierswa

Writer and dreamer. German mind, American heart and Asian soul. Member of Kim Jongdae Appreciation Society and proud donator to the Park Jimin Jams Fund.



  • Keemstar
    4 years ago

    Great summary of the music video!!! (^ω^) I personally enjoyed the chorals at the end which struck a chord with me as it seemed to tie in an aggressive feel ,as you put it, with a more sinister and silent feel. Love the summary and keep up the good work!!!

  • Miranda
    4 years ago

    GAHH finally a decent review of Monster! Baek’s piercings are asdfkjl omg <3

  • Gerbgerb
    4 years ago

    Yasss I loved this MV ! You definitely reviewed it well. Great job BTW! That’s actually a very interesting theory ! 😮

  • Roxi
    4 years ago

    Simply AMAZING!! I think yandere influence might have inspired the song but I can see your point with love me right. EXO KILLS IT EVERYTIME!! \(^o^)/
    *no pun intended*

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