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K-Idols Birthdays: March!

Once again it’s time for another month of birthdays. A lot of Idols and actors have birthdays this month, so let’s not dawdle and get on with the list!

March 2nd – Lee Hongki (FT Island)

©LeeHongKi, 02.03.2018,

Hongki has been a busy guy lately what with filming recently wrapping up for the drama ‘A Korean Odyssey’ (화유기.) A fun fact about Hongki is he loves nail art and also released a book all about his passion. 2 other FT Island members that also have a birthday in March are bandmates Junghoon on the 7th and Oh Wonbin on the 26th. We hope the boys celebrate well.

March 5th – MJ (ASTRO)


MJ has been a member of the band ASTRO for 3 years and it’s been 2 years since they debuted. He’s the oldest of the group and is also known as the ‘happy virus.’ ASTRO have had solo concerts and their own web-drama. 생일 축하해요!!

He also shares a birthday month with Jinjin on March 15th and Sanha on the 21st and Cha Eunwoo on the 30th.

March 9th – Suga (BTS)

©Suga, 02.03.2018,

Min Yoongi AKA Suga turns 25! He debuted with BTS in 2013 and has even released his own solo album as Agust D. Not only that but Suga won a Melon Music award for his work as a producer of the song ‘Wine’ sung by Suran. Suga cites Stony Skunk and Epik High as his inspiration to pursue hip-hop music. We also know that the boys will be busy as ever this year and we can’t wait to see what they get up to in 2018. Have a great day Suga!!

March 15th – Lee Seoeon and Lee Seojun (Return of Superman)

©The Twins, 05.03.2018,

These cute little twins aren’t idols but they sure do have lots of fans. Seoeon and Seojun star in the hit variety show ‘Return of Superman’ with there comedian father Lee Hwi-jae. We can’t wait to watch these boys grow up and their fun antics.

March 19th – Hightop (BigFlo)


Hightop turns 25 this month. He debuted in the band BigFlo in 2014, who also debuted in Japan in 2015 after signing with Japanese music agency KISS entertainment. As the maknae of the group he is said to be the naughtiest member and is terrified of hamsters. No matter what though we love him and hope has a great birthday.

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