K-Idol Birthdays: December

December is finally here and with it are the last of the 2017 K-idol birthdays! Read on to find out some of the artists that will be ageing up this month~!

December 5 – YuRi (SNSD)

©Yuri, 1.12.2017,

©Yuri, 1.12.2017,

Turning 27 this year is Kwon Yu-ri! During August this year Girls Generation celebrated their 10th anniversary by releasing their 6th album Holiday Night – which not only peaked on the Billboard World Album Chart, but it’s singles All Night and Holiday also appeared on music charts in Australia, New Zealand, France and Japan.

Sadly, this year Yuri and SONE (SNSD fans) had to say goodbye to three members back in October, but we hope that Yuri and the other members of Girls Gen keep their heads up and return to our lives in all their glory!

December 9 – Minho (SHINee)

©Onew-Minho, 1.12.2017,

2017 has been a big year for SHINee, besides releasing their Japanese album FIVE and holding sold out concerts in in Tokyo Dome, the members have been working on individual projects. Minho, who will be turning 26 this month, has been keeping busy this year with his marvellous acting (starring in Hawrang, Somehow 18, The Most Beautiful Goodbye and Marital Harmony) as well as acting as an ambassador for the Girls Play 2 campaign for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

Another member of SHINee that’ll be joining Minho in celebrating this month is Onew, who will be turning 28 on the 16th of December! After releasing the song Lullaby with Rocoberry back in May, SHINee’s leader has been out of action for the past five months but we hope we’ll see him soon!

December 10 – LE (EXID)

©EXID LE, 2.12.2017,

©EXID LE, 2.12.2017,

Next up is EXID’s rapper LE who will be turning 26 this month! LE has no doubt been busy this year along with her fellow EXID members, together they performed at KCON and the Mexico City Arena, had two comebacks (Eclipse and Full Moon) and a tour around Asia!

We can’t wait to see what else EXID has in store for 2018 and hope the group can rest and celebrate LE’s birthday peacefully.

December 21 – Bobby (iKON)

©바비, 2.12.2017,

©바비, 2.12.2017,

Later this month iKON’s BOBBY will be turning 22! After a year of hiatus and solo activities, BOBBY released his first full solo album LOVE AND FALL in September.

One day after it’s release, LOVE AND FALL snatched first place on the iTunes album chart in twenty two countries and after that BOBBY’s popularity continued to sky-rocket  – which is what he deserves after all his training and hard work as an artist!

December 23 – Jaehyo (Block B)

©Jaehyo, 2.12.2017,

©Jaehyo, 2.12.2017,

After European tours, Japanese collaborations and the release of their sixth mini-album, Block B haven’t stopped all year! The same goes for the groups vocalist Jaehyo, who, after promoting the group’s new album Montage and performing, will be turning twenty seven this month!

We hope he can sit back, relax with his members and be proud of all the work he’s accomplished this year.

December 30 – Taehyung (BTS)

©1-ly-l-v, 1.12.2017,

©1-ly-l-v, 1.12.2017,

Lastly, just before the new year begins, BTS’s Taehyung will turn 22! 2017 has certainly been a big year for BTS – they won the Top Social Artist Award at the the Billboard Music Awards, performed at the American Music Awards, released a repackaged version of Wings called You Never Walk Alone and a new album Love Yourself, collaborated with The Chainsmokers and Steve Aoki, appeared on many popular Western TV shows AND won their third daesang at the MNET Asian Music Awards.

Another BTS member who will be ageing up this month is Jin, will turn 25 on the 4th of December! Hopefully Jin, Taehyung and the rest of BTS are resting after their long and hectic year.

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Feature Image Source: ©Minho, 1.12.2017,



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