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K-FILM REVIEW – Old Boy 올드보이

O L D B O Y (올드보이)

IMK Rating: ★★★★★


Arguably the greatest film in Korean cinema, Park Chan-Wook’s claustrophobic, neo-noir thriller is quite brilliant, and I’ll tell you why…

This film starts with our protagonist Oh Dae-Su missing his daughter’s fourth birthday party on account of his intoxication and subsequent detention. Shortly after his bail is paid he is abducted and held prisoner for 15 years, where he is abruptly let loose. The question is why?

The characters in this film are well written and acted very well with Choi Min-Sik, playing a starring role as the protagonist, who delves into  his past forcing us as the viewer to question the seemingly insignificant decisions we make and the monumental consequences of them. It is not only Choi who displays phenomenal acting skills, the often overlooked Yu Ji-Tae plays the supporting role very well as an unerring sociopath in the shadows, orchestrating the events of the film.

With this, Park Chan-Wook has masterfully composed a greek style tragedy, with trademark grit and asian style. The plot keeps you on the edge of your seat, continuously piquing your curiosity, fundamentally changing the way you think, altering the question from why was he imprisoned, to why he was released?


Running time: 120 min

Haris Saeed

An eclectic mix of everything and nothing. A walking contradiction who just happens to really like to write.



  • Marva
    2 years ago

    Ah this review is so well written! Makes me wanna watch the movie right away :3

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