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Which Classic K-Drama OST Should You Listen To? QUIZ

For many years, K-Drama original soundtracks, or OSTs, have played a huge part in the Korean music industry. Whenever a new drama or film comes out, there is always a lot of hype and anticipation for the songs that will accompany it, as well as the artists who will sing them.

Since OSTs make up a large portion of our playlists, we’ve decided to share some of our favourites with you. Take this quiz below and discover which of our most-loved classic K-Drama OSTs you should listen to.



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Something Good
by Jaurim
(Antique OST – 2008)

‘너에게 난 나에게 넌’ | Me to you, you to me
by Jatanpung
(The Classic OST – 2003)

Secret | 비밀
by Jeong In-ho
(Summer Scent OST – 2003)


“너를 위해” | For You
by Im Jaebum
(Ditto OST – 2000)


Jaywalking | 무단횡단
by Sung Joon
(Shut Up! Flower Boy Band OST – 2012)


Maria | 마리아
by Kim Ah-joong
(200 Pounds Beauty OST – 2005)

Feature Image Source: ©200 Pounds Official Image, 07.01.2019,

Claudia Deborah (이보라)

Local book dealer by day—goblin writer by night. 제 생명은 조금 심심하고 단순하지만 제 인생은 한 번이에요. 그래서 저는 단순한 일상에 감사함을 느껴요.



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