Ultimate K-Drama Quiz!

It takes a lot to be a to be a true K-Drama fan, do you have what it takes? Take a shot at this quiz and see how much you really know about Korean dramas!

1. Which popular American TV show is being made into a K-Drama this year?

A. The X-Files
B. Suits
C. The Office
D. Friends

2. Last year SHINee’s Taemin starred alongside Shota Matsuda in Final Life. But which iconic Japanese drama was Matsuda in before it was remade in Korea?

A. Liar Game
B. To The Beautiful You
C. Boys Over Flowers
D. Fated to Love You

3. We all loved Song Joong Ki’s portrayal of Captain Yoo Shi-Jin in Descendants of the Sun, but which famous actor was in line for the role as well?

A. Kim Woo Bin
B. Gong Yoo
C. Jo In Sung
D. All three

4. Which classic ‘K-Drama Cliche’ does Coffee Prince, To the Beautiful You and You’re Beautiful all share?

A. The ‘Love At First Sight’ cliche
B. The ‘Evil Ex-Girlfriend’ cliche
C. The ‘Gender-bending’ cliche
D. The ‘Cruel Mother’ cliche

5. Speaking of cliches, the infamous K-Drama Boys Over Flowers uses many throughout its 25 episodes – but which cliche does the drama NOT use?

A. The ‘Cross-Dressing’ cliche
B. The dramatic ‘Falling into the Pool’ scene
C. The ‘Amnesia’ cliche
D. The ‘Love Triangle’ cliche

6. Which Korean actor caused the divorce rate in China to spike up 40% during his most popular drama role?
A. Park Seo-jin (She Was Pretty)
B. Lee Jong-suk (W: Two Worlds)
C. Song Joong-ki (Descendants of the Sun)
D. Park Hyung-sik (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)
7. Which popular South Korean Actress debuted at sixteen in the drama Secret Campus, shortly thereafter earning the title, Nation’s Little Sister?

A. Park Bo-young
B. Kang Hae-in
C. Lee Do-Hyeon
D. Bae Yu-mi

8. Which Korean Singer/Actress played a role involving her character being scammed by a fake entertainment company, after actually having this happen to her in real life as well?

A. Krystal from f(x)
B. BoA
C. Yoona from Girls Generation

9. Which K-Drama won the most awards at the 2017 Korean Drama Awards?

A. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
B. Goblin: The Great and Lonely God
C. Ruler: Master of the Mask
D. Fight My Way

10. Which TWO K-Pop Idols appeared briefly in Boys Over Flowers as the child versions of the main characters Go Jun-pyo and So Yi-jeong?

A. Youngmin and Minwoo (Boyfriend)
B. Jun (Seventeen) and Chanwoo (iKON)
C. Chanwoo (iKON) and Moonbin (ASTRO)
D. Moonbin (ASTRO) and Minwoo (Boyfriend)




1: Suits

©JangDongGun_ParkHyungShik, 27.02.2018,

A Korean adaption of the 2011 show Suits will star Jang Dong Geun as a lawyer named Choi Kyung Seo (Harvey Spector) and Park Hyung-sik as Go Yeon Woo (Mike Ross).

2: Boys Over Flowers

©Hana yori dango, 27.02.2018,

Shota Matsuda played Sojiro Nishikado (pictured on the far left) in the original Japanese drama Boys Over Flowers (Hana yori dango) back in 2005 – four years before the Korean remake!

3: All three!

©Almosts, 27.02.2018, [1] [2] [3] [4]

That’s right, Kim Woo Bin, Gong Yoo ANDJo In Sung all went for the part of Captain Yoo Shi-Jin – even Won Bin had a crack at being the Captain too! But even though we love the work of these four fantastic actors, we couldn’t possibly picture anyone but Song Joong Ki playing the role of Yoon Shi-jin!

4. The ‘Gender-bend’ cliche

©Gender-benders, 27.02.2018, [1] [2] [3]

A classic K-Drama cliche that just never gets old is the old ‘Gender Swap’ trope, which Koo Jae-Hee (To The Beautiful You), Go Eun Chan (Coffee Prince) and Ko Mi-Nyeo (You’re Beautiful) all use – even though they’re not always so believable!

5. The ‘Cross-Dressing’ cliche

©Boys Over Flowers, 27.02.2018,

But one iconic drama that, surprisingly, doesn’t use the ‘Cross-Dressing’ or ‘Gender-Swap’ trope is Boys Over Flowers – but they make up for it by using literally every other K-Drama cliche you can think of!

6: Song Joong-ki

©Song Joong-ki, 03.03.2018,

It’s a widely known fact that after his performance in Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong-ki won over the hearts of many people – and apparently most of those hearts belonged to married women! But really, who can blame them?

7: Park Bo Young

©Park Bo-young, 03.03.2018,

If you guessed Park Bo-young then you were correct! Due to her young age and overflowing cuteness, Bo-young became known across Korea as the Nation’s Little Sister!

8: IU

©Lee Soon Shin, 04.03.2018,

Playing the role of Lee Soon Shin, a girl who was conned by a man that promised to make her famous, IU performed her first leading role ever and proved to be a hardworking and talented actress!

9: Goblin: The Great and Lonely God

©Goblin, 05.03.2018,

That’s right! Last year Goblin won four awards at the KDA’s, which included the Best Drama Award, Star of the Year Award, Best New Actor Award and Popular Character Award!

10: Chanwoo (iKON) and Moonbin (ASTRO)

©Chanwoo_Moonbin, 04.03.2018, [1], [2], [3]

Even though all the idols listed were once child actors, only iKON’s Chanwoo and ASTRO’s Moonbin played the roles of the young Go Jun-pyo and So Yi-jeong in Boys Over Flowers!


How many did you get right? Let us know!


Feature Image Source: ©BoysOverFlowers, 05.03.2018,


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