Top 5 K-Drama Squads!

There’s only one thing we love more than a good K-Drama romance; and that’s a K-Drama squad! Whether it be a trio of life long friends or a massive group that have adventures, we can’t get enough of a good friendship!

 So we’re going to share with you our Top 5 K-Drama Squads~!


The Schoolgirl Dectives

Seonam Girls High School Investigators (선암여고 탐정단)

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One of our most favourite K-Drama squads of all time has to be the detective girls from Seonam Girls High School Investigators – since they not only tried to solve the problems in their school, but they also cared about and supported each-other as well!

This iconic friend group included the ‘new to school’ Chae-Yool, wannabe idol Yee-Hee, computer whiz Ha-Jae, peacemaker Sung-Yoon and the school’s weirdo Mi-Do – despite all being very different, these girls came together and did whatever they could to make their school and the lives of their peers a better place, tackling mysteries which involved homophobia, bullying, suicide and abortion.

As far as K-Drama’s go, the Schoolgirl Detectives are a big inspiration for us and they’ll always be on the top of any of our best KDrama squad lists!

Ji-Ho, Soo-Ji and Ho-Rang

Because This Is My First Life (이번 생은 처음이라)

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Next up is the trio from Because This Is My First Life! Consisting of Ho-Rang (left), Ji-Ho (middle) and Soo-Ji (right), this three-lane friendship has had it’s share of up’s and down’s – but they always came back to each other no matter what!

The best thing about these girl’s friendship is that despite their differences, they never failed to come together to help each other solve their problems – whether it be relationship issues, stresses over work or the general worries of life.

As each episode of their drama went by, you could see how much these three cared for each-other and the strong connection they had. One of our favourite moments of theirs was in episode 5, when Ji-Ho’s ‘wedding’ took place – you could really see how happy Soo-Ji and Ho-Rang were for their best friend!

Hae-Soo, Dong-Min and Soo-Kwang

It’s Okay That’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야)

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Another K-Drama trio we love is the housemates from It’s Okay That’s Love – which consists of Hae-Soo, a psychiatrist, Dong-Min, her mentor, and their friend Soo-Kwang!

From the very first episode, you can tell these three characters are more like a family rather than just friends. Although these three have a bit of a complicated history together – with Dong-Min being Hae-Soo’s first love and Soo-Kwang previously being in love with Hae-Soo – they put all that aside and do their best to be there for each other no matter what problems arise.

Some things we especially love about this oddball trio is how supportive they are of one another. When Soo-Kwang has difficulties with his Tourettes Syndrome, Dong-Min is always there to help him. And whenever trouble comes up, from annoying ex-boyfriends to escaped criminals, Dong-Min and Soo-Kwang have Hae-Soo’s back – even if it involves a fight or two!

Hwarang Flower Boys

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

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Next is a K-Drama squad that wold be impossible to leave out, and that’s none-other than the boys from Hwarang!

Although most of the members of this friend group began as enemies, they all quickly bonded with one another through the many trials, hardships and adventures they shared whilst training to be warriors for the royal family.

Even though the entire Hwarang squad itself is fantastic, we can’t help but have favourite pairings within the group, which include: Su-Ho and Ban-Ryu, who initially hated each-other because of their family’s differences but ended up being best friends, Yeo-Wool and Han-Sung, who were fond of one another from the start and spend most of their time bickering, and the main characters Sun-Woo and Ji-Dwi, who both overcame their extreme dislike for each-other and eventually became as close as brothers!

The ‘Eye Candy’ Boys

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band ( 닥치고 꽃미남밴드) 

©닥치고 꽃미남밴드, 19.03.2018,

Lastly we’re ending on one of our other favourite K-Drama squads – Eye Candy! This group of guys are more than an awesome band, they’re all long-time friends and would do anything for one another, which we can see from the very first episode of Shut Up! Flower Boy Band.

Consisting of lead singer and oddball Byung-Hee, edgy guitarist’s Ji-Hyuk and Hyun-Soo, womanising bassist Ha-Jin, keyboardist Kyung-Jung and mysterious drummer Do-Il, this group spends most of their time playing music, eating ramyun and fighting anyone who offends them – which is a lot of people.

The reason why we love this squad so much is because nothing could tear them apart, not girls or career pathways or even death itself could seperate them – they had each-others back’s no matter what, which is why they’ll always have a special place in our hearts!


Which K-Drama squad is your favourite? Let us know in the comments~!


Feature Image Source: © 선암여고 탐정단, 19.03.2018,

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