K-Drama Marathon Essentials

There is a lot that goes into preparing the perfect environment for a K-Drama marathon, from a comfortable space to rest in to having the tastiest snacks. But there are plenty more things that could make your K-Drama marathon experience even better, and we’re sharing with you all our tips and essential items!


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How can you have a K-Drama marathon without snacks? If you don’t have some decent snacks nearby when your beginning your drama binge, then you’ll have to go through the effort of getting up and actually going to the kitchen – which is not an option for us!

For us, we personally prefer starting with the more savoury snacks before moving into the sweet stuff, and you can’t get more savoury than potato chips! There are many tasty Korean potato snacks to choose from, but our personal favourites include Gamja-kkang (감자깡), Goguma-kkang (고구마깡) and Tako Chips (자갈치). Another savoury snack we’re big fans of is Dried Seaweed – which goes really well when paired with Tako Chips!

For sweets Pepero is a classic, but we also enjoy Honey Twists, Chapssaltteok Mochi (찹쌀떡), Mini Churros), MarketO Real Brownies, Butter Waffles (버터와플) and Chokchokhan Chocolate Chip Cookies (촉촉한 초코칩). As for drinks, nothing beats Milkis (밀키스).

Comfy Clothes

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Pyjamas are the official recommended uniform for K-Drama marathons, and comfortable baggy shirts are our go to! And you don’t have to look far if you’re in need of a comfy shirt – we have many available at our store from the Heart Finger Couple Shirts and ‘Kpop Is Life’ ones shown above, as well as our special BTS Inspired T-Shirts that have the nicknames for each member printed on them!

 All our shirts are made of 100% soft cotton (perfect for wearing out or just around the house) and come in small, medium, large and extra large.

Blankets, Pillows & Tea

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When having a K-Drama marathon, there’s always a chance you’ll end up binge-watching shows until late at night or, even worse, into the early hours of the morning.

And if this is the case, then you’ll definitely need to set yourself up with blankets and pillows to make sure you’re at the highest level of comfort throughout your marathon – it’s especially helpful to have lots of pillows surrounding you incase you pass out at some point throughout your binge.

And after eating mountains of snacks all day, nothing’s better than having a peaceful cup of tea to relax you stomach.

[And just a tip for those who plan to marathon movies instead of dramas: If you want to watch any Korean horror films, make sure to watch them first and not late at night, otherwise you’ll never be able to get to sleep. Instead save the more lighthearted films for after you’re finished scaring yourself]


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Finally our last essential item is face-masks, which are the perfect way to finish off a good K-Drama marathon! We have many different masks available at our IMK store, from our popular 7 Day Sheet Mask Set (where each set is a surprise that includes masks with different uses like brightening and lifting or soothing and moisturising) to our Tony Moly Pokémon and SNP Animal Print masks.

Ending a K-Drama marathon with face-masks is, for us, is perfect since masks work best when applied just before you go to sleep – so if can feel yourself getting sleepy mid way through episode 13 of your drama binge, just pop on a face-mask and remember to take it off before you really fall asleep!

What are some of your must have K-Drama marathon essentials? Let us know in the comments~!


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