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K-Dramas of the Month: March 2018

There are so many great dramas this month that even after cutting the list down we have quite a few for you! There’s a whole lot to be excited about in the world of K-Drama this March. Who else is excited for another month of late night drama binging? Well everyone, take a deep breath, loosen your muscles and get ready, it’s gonna be an intense month!



My Mister

나의 아저씨

© My Mister Poster, tvN Korea, 14.03.2018,

Premieres On: March 21st.

Summary: A man in his 40’s and a woman in her 20’s. Both of them struggle under the difficulties and pressures of life. They meet and begin to help each other to keep going through the power of friendship.

Main Cast: Lee Sun-Kyun, IU, Lee Ji-Ah, Park Ho-San, Song Sae-Byeok, Ko Du-Shim, Chang Ki-Yong, Jung Young-Joo, Son Sook, Kim Young-Min, Ahn Seung-Kyoon, Jung Jae-Sung, Ryu Sun-Young, Shin Goo, Jeon Kuk-Hwan, Jung Hae-Kyun, Park Hae-Joon, Oh Na-Ra.

Genre: Drama.

Rich Family’s Son

부잣집 아들

© Rich Family’s Son Poster, MBC Korea, 14.03.2018,

Premieres On: March 25th

Summary: Lee Gwang-Jae is the wayward and immature son of a rich family. Tragedy strikes when his father dies, leaving the family with large debts. Lee Gwang-Jae struggles to pay off these debts to restore his Father’s honour. The bright and bubbly Kim Young-Ha does her best to support him. Will Lee Gwang-Jae pay off the debt and restore his Father’s honour? Will he and Kim Young-Ha fall in love? You can never tell with K-dramas, so you’ll have to watch and find out!

Main Cast: Kim Ji-Hoon, Kim Joo-Hyun, Lee Gyu-Han, Hong Soo-Hyun, Kim Young-Ok, Jung Bo-Suk, Yun Yoo-Sun, Kang Nam-Kil, Lee Seung-Yeon, Woo Hyeon, Park Sun-Cheon, Yun Cheol-Hyeong, Jeon Su-Kyeong, Park Jae-Jung, Lee Chang-Yeop, Elkie, Yang Hye-Ji.

Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy.

A Poem A Day/ You Who Forgot Poetry

시를 잊은 그대에게

© A Poem A Day Poster, tvN Korea, 14.03.2018,

Premieres On: March 26th.

Summary: The story follows a group of Physical Therapists, all from different backgrounds. Ye Jae-Wook, who not only works as a physical therapist but teaches it also, takes a position as a team leader in the hospital. Woo Bo-Young has been a physical therapist for three years, she had always wanted to be a poet, but due to her poor background, studied physical therapy instead. Shin Min-Ho, an uninterested trainee was forced into physical therapy by his parents after he failed to qualify for medical school.

Main Cast: Lee Yoo-Bi, Lee Joon-Hyuk, Jang Dong-Yoon, Seo Hyun-Chul, Lee Chae-Young, Kim Jae-Bum, Shin Jae-Ha, Jeon Hye-Won, Park Han-Sol, Yoo Dae-Joon, Park Sun-Ho.

Genre: Drama, Medical, Friendship.

Switch: Change The World

스위치 – 세상을 바꿔라

© Switch: Change The World Poster, SBS Korea, 14.03.2018,

Premieres On: March 28th.

Summary: A swindler who is smart enough to pass the bar exam fails to become a prosecutor. Instead of being discouraged he decides to take the law into his own hands and punish those the prosecutors do not.

Main Cast: Jang Keun-Suk, Han Ye-Ri, Jang Keun-Suk, Jung Woong-In, Jo Hee-Bong, Shin Do-Hyun, An Seung-Hwan.

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama, Legal.

Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food

밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나

© Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food Poster, JTBC Korea, 14.03.2018,

Premieres On: March 30th.

Summary: Yoon Jin-A is a single woman in her 30’s who works as a supervisor at a coffee company. She’s an easygoing person, but her life feels empty. Seo Joon-Hee is the younger brother of her best friend. He returns to South Korea from working abroad and ends up spending some time with Yoon Jin-A. Her memories of him were of a childish young guy, but now she sees him completely differently. Will love bloom between the two? We can’t wait to find out!

Main Cast: Son Ye-Jin, Jung Hae-In, Kil Hae-Yeon, Oh Man-Seok, Wi Ha-Joon, Jang So-Yeon, Park Hyuk-Kwon, Seo Jung-Yeon, Jeong Eu-Gene, Lee Joo-Young, Jang Won-Hyung, Yun Jong-Seok, Lee Hwa-Ryong.

Genre: Romance.

~Recently Premiered~

Good Witch


© Good Witch Poster, SBS Korea, 14.03.2018,

Premiered On: March 3rd.

Summary: Cha Sun-Hee is an ordinary housewife married to the currently unemployed Bong Cheon-Dae. Her twin sister Cha Do-Hee, is a flight attendant. Although Sun-Hee and Do-Hee are identical twins, they have completely opposite personalities. Circumstances arrive that mean Sun-Hee must take her sister Do-Hee’s place as a flight attendant. Here Sun-Hee meets the co-pilot who is in love with her sister, Song Woo-Jin.

Main Cast: Lee Da-Hae, Ryu Soo-Young, An Woo-Yeon, Hye Jeong, Bae Soo-Bin, Ahn Sol-Bin, Geum Bo-Ra, Yang Geum-Seok, Lee Han-Seo, Moon Hee-Kyung, Yoon Se-Ah, Shim Hyung-Tak, Lee Deok-Hwa, Choi Joon-Yong.

Genre: Family, Melodrama, Comedy, Romance.

My Husband Oh Jak-Doo

데릴남편 오작두

© My Husband Oh DAk-Joo Poster, MBC Korea, 14.03.2018.

Premiered On: March 3rd.

Summary: Han Seung-Joo is a single woman in her mid 30’s. She works as a PD at a broadcast company. She is good at her job, but horrible at housework. Frustrated with the social prejudices about single women, she decides to get married, simply to give herself the “married woman” status. She marries Oh Jak-Doo a man who lives in the mountains. Although their marriage was not based on love as far as she is concerned, as time goes on romance begins to bloom.

Main Cast: Uee, Kim Kang-Woo, Jung Sang-Hoon, Han Sun-Hwa, Park Jung-Soo, Sul Jung-Hwan, Park Min-Ji.

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy.

That Man Oh Soo

그남자 오수

© That man Oh Soo Poster, OCN Korea, 15.03.2018,

Premiered On: March 5th.

Summary: Oh Soo, a handsome and smart young man in his 20’s is a promising engineer in the IT (information technology) industry, a cafe owner, and a barista! Through the use of a mysterious pollen, he is able to play cupid by making young men and women fall in love. A mishap occurs and he accidentally makes himself fall in love with Seo Yoo-Ri, a police officer in her 20’s with a bright personality who works to support her family.

Main Cast: Lee Jong-Hyun, Kim So-Eun, Kang Tae-Oh, Heo Jeong-Min, Park Geun-Hyung.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama.



© Live Poster, tvN Korea, 15.03.2018,

Premiered On: March 10th.

Summary: This drama focuses on the officers of a precinct office. From the lowest cadet to the highest officer this will follow their joys, sorrows, struggles, and lives in general as they all work one of the busiest jobs out there to try and make a living.

Main Cast: Jung Yu-Mi, Lee Kwang-Soo, Bae Sung-Woo, Bae Jong-Ok, Sung Dong-Il, Jang Hyun-Sung, Lee Eol, Lee Joo-Young, Lee Si-Un, Shin Dong-Wook, Kim Gun-Woo, Jo Wan-Ki, Baek Seung-Do, Lee Soon-Won, Kim Jong-Hoon, Lee Soon-Jae, Yum Hye-Ran, Yoo Su-Bin.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Cop.

Marry Me Now?/Shall We Live Together?

같이 살래요

© Marry Me Now Poster, KBS2 Korea, 15.03.2018,

Premiered On: March 10th.

Summary: Park Yoo-Ha is the daughter of a single father, who worked hard to raise her and her three siblings. Her older sister along with her father has made many sacrifices for the family, and so Park Yoo-Ha has worked hard in medical school to become a doctor. Her father unexpectedly marries a wealthy woman, leaving Yoo-Ha uninterested in other people and focusing only on herself and work. Jung Eun-Tae is a doctor who recently got back to Korea after volunteering to provide medical services overseas. Due to the way his own father lived Eun-Tae is not interested in marriage or family, as he believes he is like his father. Will things change when the two meet? We shall see! ^-^

Main Cast: Yoo Dong-Geun, Jang Mi-Hee, Han Ji-Hye, Lee Sang-Woo, Park Sun-Young, Yeo Hoi-Hyeon, Keum Sae-Rok, Kim Kwon, Choi Jung-Woo, Kim Mi-Kyung, Park Se-Wan, Kang Sung-Wook, Park Jun-Keum, Park Cheol-Ho, Kim Ye-Ryeong, Seo Yeon-Woo, Hwang Dong-Joo, Kim Yoon-Kyung, Park Sang-Myeon, Choi Dae-Chul, Lee Ji-Hoon, Hong Seung-Hui, Lee Kan-Hee, Jang Sung-Bum, Jung Chae-Yeon.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance.

Great Seducer/The Great Tempter

위대한 유혹자

© Great Seducer Poster, MBC Korea, 15.03.2018,

Premiered On: March 12th.

Summary: While taking part in a deadly game, Kwon Shi-Hyun bets his life on the fact he can seduce Eun Tae-Hee. At 20 years old Tae-Hee feels that people who are swayed by love are pathetic…her viewpoint, however, begins to change after she meets Kwon Shi-Hyun. And for Shi-Hyun, it starts to become much more than just winning a game, when he develops feelings for Tae-Hee.

Main Cast: Woo Do-Hwan, Joy, Mun Ka-Young, Kim Min-Jae, Jeon Mi-Sun, Shin Sung-Woo, Kim Seo-Hyung, Jeong Ha-Dam, Rie Young-Zin, Moon Hee-Kyung, Hwang Jung-Min, Oh Ha-Nee, Lee Jae-Kyoon, Jung Hye-Sun, Choi Ji-Na, Ji Min-Hyuk, Han Sun-Hwa.

Genre: Drama, Melodrama, Romance.

And that’s our list of the most exciting dramas this month, thanks for reading! We sincerely hope you enjoyed it, and as always dear friends, binge on!

Are you excited for these dramas too? Already started watching one? Think we missed something? Let us know!

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