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K-Dramas of the Month: April 2018

If you love K-Dramas as much as we do, then you probably already know about the exciting new K-Dramas releasing this month! The list of dramas releasing this month is rather small, but we are still super excited about them all! Top law firms, car accidents, murderous friends, idol management companies, suits, living other people’s lives, and of course plenty of romance! It’s definitely going to be a great month of K-Dramas! ^-^



© Suits Poster, KBS Korea, 17.04.2018,

Premiers On: April 25th.

Summary: A remake of the popular US drama of the same name, the show revolves around two main characters. Choi Kang-Seok, a top lawyer at the best law firm in South Korea, and Go Yeon-Woo a young guy hired by Choi Kang-Seok as a rookie lawyer in the firm, even though he has no qualifications, he does have an incredible memory.

Main Cast: Jang Dong-Gun, Park Hyung-Sik, Chae Jung-An, Ko Sung-Hee,  Choi Gwi-Hwa, Lee Sang-Yi, Lee Si-Won.

Genre: Drama


© Mistress Poster, OCN Korea, 17.04.2018,

Premiers On: April 28.

Summary: Remake of the popular British drama “Mistresses” The show revolves around four female friends in their 30’s, all with complicated or unfortunate history with the men in their lives. Things turn upside down for all four of them when they begin to get involved in a series of murders. Who gets murdered? Who is the criminal? Will these women live happily ever after? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Main Cast: Han Ga-In, Shin Hyun-Bin, Choi Hee-Seo, Goo Jae-Yee, Lee Hee-Joon, Oh Jung-Se, Lee Hae-Young, Jung Ga-Ram, Park Byung-Eun, Ji Il-Joo, Kim Min-Soo, Kim Hee-Jin, Jang Hee-Jung.

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Drama.


High-End Crush

© High-End Crush Poster, MBN Korea, 17.04.2018,

Premiered On: April 4.

Summary: The story revolves around two main characters. The handsome, successful, and single CEO of a management company, Choi Se-Hoon, is excellent at his job, but also rather arrogant. And Yoo Yi-Ryeong, a beautiful young woman who has lived alone in the mountains ever since her Grandfather died, she has no desire for success or money. When Yoo Yi-Ryeong goes to the city she and Choi Se-Hoon are thrown together by top idol, Min-Joo. Se-Hoon immediately tries to get Yi-Ryeong to sign a contract with his company, but she flatly refuses. Undeterred by the rejection, Se-Hoon is determined not to give up as he finds himself falling for Yi-Ryeong. Will love bloom between these two complete opposites? Exciting isn’t it? ^-^

Main Cast: Jung Il-Woo, Jin Se-Yun, Lee Si-Un, Yoon Bo-Ra, Moon Se-Yun, Jung Sang-Hoon, Tae Hang-Ho, Jung Kyoung-Ho, Kim So-Yeon.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama.

Miracle That We Met

© Miracle That We Met Poster, KBS Korea, 17.04.2018,

Premiered On: April 2.

Summary: After Song Hyun-Cheol-A dies in a car crash he mysteriously finds himself alive, in another person’s body. Now not only must he balance being the head of two families, his own, and that of the man he is possessing, but also holding on to two wives. Sounds complicated, but should be quite hilarious too! XD This drama also features a couple pretty big names in the Korean Entertainment industry…did someone say EXO?

Main Cast: Kim Myung-Min, Kim Hyun-Joo, Ra Mi-Ran, Ko Chang-Seok, Joseph Lee, Yoon Seok-Hwa, Hwang Bo-Ra, Seo Dong-Hyun, Choi Byung-Mo, Hwang Suk-Jung, Lee Do-Kyung, Kim Hwan-Hee, Jun Suk-Ho, Yoon Ji-Hye, Jung Suk-Yong, Jung Han-Yong, Kai.

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Melodrama.

Started watching any of these dramas? Think we missed something important? As excited about these as we are? Let us know!

Featured Image Source: © The Cold Cannot Break the Dawn of Jin-A and Jun-Hee, JTBC Korea, 17.04.2018,

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